team building practices

5 Team Building Practices Your Company Needs to Implement

In most companies all over the world, the term team building gets thrown around often. The purpose of doing team building and leadership training is to help all employees have the same vision and goals for the company.

team building practices

Team building is an investment that business owners make in their companies to ensure good inter-personal relationships, improve collaboration and communication and reduces team conflict.

The aim of team building is not just for a fun day out of the office but to build a stronger, more efficient and productive team.

Here are five excellent team building practices you can regularly implement to improve all aspects of your team:

  1. A Rewards System

There’s no doubt that we, as humans, love a little recognition and reward for our efforts. When employees start feeling tired and drained physically, mentally and emotionally, giving them recognition will lift their spirits. It can ensure that they continue to do all they can in the office.

You don’t need to spend excessive amounts of money on these rewards, although you can incentivize good work with a performance bonus. This can include adding some extra time to their lunch break, giving them an afternoon off or an extra vacation day.

  1. Exercise Sessions

It’s been proven time and time again that exercise has numerous benefits. Many of these benefits can be seen in the workplace, such as improved health, increased creativity, and productivity.

When employees get focused on their work, they often forget to take time to care for their bodies. Implementing a group workout session within the workplace can ensure that your employees are being active and looking after their health. It’s also great for team building with accountability to be active.

  1. Bring a Child to Work Day

For many parents, spending time with their children can become difficult if they’re working long hours. Having a day to bring your children in can help employees to spend more time with their kids while also exposing them to the work environment.

For team building, this can also help to improve relationships and bring a little excitement into the workplace.

  1. Lunch Date

Arranging a lunch date with your staff at a restaurant outside of your office complex is a great idea to encourage a little team interaction.

Besides a free lunch and some time away from the office, your employees have a chance to work on their inter-personal relationships. That will help with communication, productivity and professional development in the workplace.

  1. Shake Things Up

Take an afternoon once a month to do a job shuffle. It’s an exciting way for employees to gain some appreciation for co-workers by seeing what others do. It also encourages creative thinking and creates a more versatile team. This will add a lot of value to the company, too.

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