8 Productive Practices of Peak Performing People

Program Duration HALF/FULL DAY

Group Size 25 – 2,000+

What is the 8 Productive Practices of Peak Performing People?

Did you know that there are eight productive practices of peak performing people, and that we host an engaging and memorable event to help your team cultivate these habits? These practices include: planningprioritizingbeing proactivecommunicatingcooperatingsharing successfostering trust and practicing success. This activity is available anywhere in North America, indoors or outdoors, for any group size.

How Does it Work?

1. Our team presents each productive practice in a way that’s engaging and easy to remember
2. Your group will be tasked with challenges where they practice each habit
3. Each challenge builds on the prior productive practice, allowing your team to master the skills of peak performing people!

[blockquote text=”I heard ‘productive practices’ and I was worried it would be dry. It was so much fun and it taught us to be more productive, too. We’re taking what we learned from this with us.” show_quote_icon=”yes” background_color=”#6b6b6b” text_color=”#ffffff”]
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