What are the 8 Productive Practices?

We have identified and lived the eight habits that all high-performing teams exhibit: proactive action, planning, prioritizing, sharing success, communicating, cooperating, practicing success, and trusting. Whether you choose the half or full day, in either case, there will be a stand-alone interactive introduction to the program AND a wrap up that will review and reinforce the 8 principles. For a half day program, your team will get to customize their program learning by selecting 3-4 of the most suitable and desirable Habits to focus on. The other 4 habits in this case, will be briefly reviewed. A Full-Day would thoroughly cover all 8 principles.

How does it work?

This event can complement any training program program wherby the concepts learned in the training are layered into a team building event in an interactive, hands-on and memorable format.

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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Improved skills when it comes to the 8 principles
  • Enhanced communication
  • Productivity boosted as efficiency is increased
  • A natural way to enhance team building with a non-traditional and fun training
  • Boosting the company bottom line as new habits are learned and put into practice
  • The program can be tweaked to focus on the most important issues for your business or team (communication, cohesive teamwork, execution, time management)
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