corporate team building events in nyc

Amazing Race Inspired Corporate Team Building Events in NYC

Everyone loves the Emmy winning TV show The Amazing Race. Who watching it didn’t want to join its contestants in exploring all those cities? Can you just imagine rushing through the streets of New York, looking for clues and facing challenges? Well, FullTilt has the perfect opportunity for you and your coworkers to enjoy challenges inspired by the famous reality competition as part of a creative team building workshop. It’s one of the top corporate team building events in NYC.

Bring The Amazing Race to your Team

The iconic TV show inspired us at FullTilt to develop our own take on the competition. This is how we came up with The Amazing Run, a way to incentive team building by way of a fun quest through your home city. As part of our Amazing Run event, your team will split up into groups and explore the city by following the many clues. You’ll then compete in different exciting challenges and collaborate in order to beat the opposing teams. It’s an original new way to bond through friendly competition.

corporate team building events in nyc

Tour New York City

You work in New York City, but have you really explored New York City? Have you absorbed all of the inexhaustible variety of life the city streets have to offer? Now you get to soak in all the wonders of New York along with your coworkers as your team makes its way following the clues around the city. Out of our team building events in NYC, this is by far the most immersive one. Nothing can beat the rush of racing down the streets, seeing the sights and enjoying the unique environment. Don’t miss on the chance to build your team in this creative new way.

Creative Corporate Team Building Events in NYC

At FullTilt, we pride ourselves on the innovative approach we take when developing our team building events in NYC. We want these activities to be more than just reusable talks and awkward ice breakers. We know there is so much more potential, and that your team members deserve better. The Amazing Run is only one of our many different options for team building events that will help create more cohesive group dynamics in your company. Be sure to call us at (888) 220-7501 or visit our website in order to learn more or to get a free consultation.