experiential training programs for team building

Check Out These Experiential Training Programs for Team Building

Corporate team building events are always a hit or miss. Yes, sometimes they can be fun and memorable, but most of the time they can easily get unbearably boring. It’s always the same thing: lame group activities, boring speakers, and overly didactic approaches. For those who have worked years and even decades in office environments, these events probably feel boorish and predictable. So, if you’re currently planning a team building event for your workplace, why not consider experiential training programs for team building instead?

Team Building Activities

When done right, team building activities can really help a company come together in order to grow and come together. A more cohesive team will result in better collective work and an increased productivity. But in order to really have an impact in your employees, you have to provide good, creative new ways to incentive team building. Here are a few examples.

experiential training programs for team building

Supercar Derby

Imagine you and your coworkers working together to build a working, life-size derby car. Yes, from scratch. In the Supercar Derby activity, your team will break into groups in order to construct a derby car together. You’ll have to be creative! Once the cars are done, you will race them and compete on speed and obstacle courses. How’s that for a unique experience?

Mission Incredible

The Mission Incredible activity will center around a series of creative challenges set across a location of your choosing. It can be a park, a neighborhood, or a beach, Just let us know where and what you would like to accomplish. We’ll make sure to set up a worthy and entertaining even that will challenge your team and spark their sense of camaraderie.

Cardboard Boat Building

You read that right. Cardboard boat building. The activity consists in designing, building, and sail a cardboard boat with your peers. This can take place in any pool, lake, or beach, and will be sure to bring your team together in a uniquely exciting and creative challenge. Have your team showcase their construction abilities and race your handmade boats in the water!

FullTilt Experimental Training Programs

These are only a few of the many experiential training programs and activities offered at FullTilt. We pride ourselves on our creative approaches to team building, and cherish every opportunity to entertain and bring together coworkers of all sorts of office environments. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information today!