Planning a team building event in Chicago ?

You’ve got options.

Chicago, IL is known world-wide for its historic industry and robust culture including film, improv… various flavours of food and music – especially jazz, blues, soul and hip-hop.

An adventure around the city can take you to many of the cities iconic landmarks such as the Willis (Sears) Tower, Millennium Park, the Loop & Magnificent Mile, the Art Institute of Chicago, Grant Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Museum of Science and Industry to name a few. 

Regardless of the time of year, we’ve run countless indoor and outdoor team building events for any type of employee engagement initiatives, games or corporate group activities.

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How It Works

FullTilt offers a seamless process from initial contact to event delivery,
saving you time from day one

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Your FulTilt Event Consultant will get to know more about you and the needs of your team. They will help you pick the most effective event that will meet your goals and budget


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Each event is unique in location, team size, venue and goals. Our experts will work with you to create a tailored event that meets your needs.


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We are experts in making you look good and make your job easy. Our team will work out the details and make sure everything runs perfect.


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This is where you get to see your investment pay off. Our team has some of the most experienced facilitators in the industry. They will ensure your event exceeds expectations, guaranteed!


Looking for recommendations?

Popular Indoor Option In Chicago, IL

The Boat Building Regatta is a dynamic, engaging and high-energy activity that can be run at any hotel with a pool. This is a great way to break down silos and get employees bonding with one another as it requires multiple skill sets to successfully complete. On the higher end, the Radisson Blu Aqua, situated right where Lake Michigan meets the Chicago River, boasts over 30,000 square feet of meeting space including a large 12,000+ square foot room with a beautiful outdoor pool. The Hyatt Regency Chicago is another great option with an impressive 240,000 square feet of meeting space making it particularly well suited for large groups and is right downtown along the Chicago Riverwalk, near all the attractions.

Cardboard Boat Building Regatta
This is business simulation challange where team race to design build and test

Activity Medium Level

Team Size 4-8 PEOPLE

Term size 12-500+ participant



Activity Level: Medium

Team Size: 1-8 people

Group size 25-530 | participant

Best Venue:  Indoor & Outdoor

GET Outside

Popular Indoor Option for Chicago, IL

The Mission Incredible is an adaptable event that is designed for all physical capabilities and customized to the area, so that your people get the most out of your corporate retreat.

We can start right downtown at the Chicago Cultural Center, then if we are going with a brewery tour theme, incorporate local spots like Begyle Brewery, continue onto Band of Bohemia and on to Dovetail, Koval Distillery or several other local water holes.

If you prefer to do a more cultural experience, we’ve run some awesome adventure style team building events that had hidden clues in places like the Oriental Institute Museum and the Osaka Garden in Hyde Park.

North America and Beyond

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The 3 Most Popular Events


Domino Effect

The Domino Effect Challange is an indoor event where your team creats an enormous “domino effect” through innovative thinking using an array of unique materials.


Spuds of

In the Spuds of Thunder event,your team will build fortressess,tackle exciting challanges,and fire potato cannons at one another’s strongholds.



The Mission Incredible Challange is a team-building activity centered around a location of your choice with your your unique goals in mind.

Activity Level LOW

Event Duration 2-4 HOURS


Activity Level LOW

Event Duration 2-4 HOURS

Team Size 2-8 PEOPLE

Activity Level MODERATE/HIGH

Event Duration 3-4 PEOPLE

Team Size 2-8 PEOPLE