corporate social responsibility contributions

Corporate Social Responsibility Contributions to a Better World

Corporations are given a lot of considerations in our society.  Anyone who has a corporate job, or has reached the level where they can own a corporation (or even be a higher up within one) is someone who’s worked hard and been fortunate in life. Corporate social responsibility contributions are important; a way for corporations and people who have been given so much to give back to others. In this blog, we’ll show how some of our team building and corporate training events include giving back.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Us

First off, we integrate it into every event. Often, we just refer to it as “CSR.” No matter which event you choose, there will be some element of CSR in it. Moreover, you select where the CSR goes. You can pick the charity or group that donations will go to. It’s one more way that we can further customize our team building and corporate training to your needs. There’s an organization in your area right now that can use your help. With our CSR, you and your team can come together and be stronger while helping out your own community.

corporate social responsibility contributions

A Different Kind of Hunger Games

One of our more popular events with quite a bit of CSR is the “End Hunger Games.” Your team comes together to “win” non-perishable food items that are then donated to a local food bank. The individuals on your team truly work together and become a team as they play a series of team-building games to win the food items. Then, at the end of the day, the food is donated to the bank. This is the very definition of a “win-win.” The food bank will make sure that the good goes to the right people; and the team-building your team experienced will go back with you to your place of business.

Wheelchair Build Challenge

One of the best things about our CSR events is that, beyond how much they help a community and bring a team together, they’re a lot of fun. The “Wheelchair Build Challenge” is exactly what it seems like: your team members break into groups and then compete in contests to earn supplies, and then they use those supplies to assemble wheelchairs. Of course, the “course challenge” tests the wheelchairs to see if they’re truly ready to go. Then, the wheelchairs are given to a local charity. This is one of those events we have people write us emails about months after they did it, talking about how “it brought the whole office together” in a way that going to the local bar after work can’t match.

CSR and More

Even when you make a custom event with us, you better believe we can get plenty of CSR into it. You can contact us to put together a custom event, and we’ll figure out how to put in as much CSR as we can. To start the process, call us at (888) 220-7501 or head to our site.