Corporate Team Building in Irving

We have several great corporate team building and leadership training events. Just about all of them can be done (as it says on our site) “anywhere in North America.” That’s not a misprint or an exaggeration. We can truly do any of these events anywhere in the continent of North America. What that does is it allows us to customize the events. That way, the events aren’t tied to a specific location that you have to travel to; instead, we bring the event to you. Corporate team building in Irving is one of our specialties, but don’t think that we’re (by any means) limited to Irving or anywhere else. If you’re reading this in North America, we can bring corporate training to you.

Corporate Team Building in Irving and Elsewhere

Other team building organizations make the team or group travel to them. Perhaps they have a unique obstacle course or the team/group has to sleep somewhere unpleasant. While that kind of thing can draw a team together, it’s isolating. To be able to use that in a corporate setting, your team has to be able to draw upon those experiences once they’re back home. We do the opposite. We bring the training to you. That way, it’s more readily accessible, as everything happened right in your area. It’s one more way to not just cut down on your travel costs, but also so you and your team get more out of the experience.

Explore Your Area

Many of our training events are designed to get you out and about your city. This can help to bond the team further, too. Now, instead of exploring a place none of them know, they can find somewhere they like or connect to. Then, they can return to it with friends, family or even co-workers. By designing events that take place in your city, we find that we can connect team members to your city even more.  Co-workers exploring a city together can establish a bond that naturally, organically and easily translates back into a corporate setting afterwards.

Charity at Home

Many of our events involve charity, giving to those that are less fortunate. Whether it’s giving bicycles, canned goods and more, these events ensure that these products are always going to those who need it. We’ve found that it’s an even more special experience for people when they perform these team charity events in their home cities. People are or grow attached to the cities in which they live. Giving back to any city or community (even one you’re just passing through) makes a person feel good. It can feel even better when it’s the city you live in that you put roots down in. That “good feeling” is contagious. It can bring your team together even tighter.

Corporate Team Building in Irving

Mission Incredible

To pick just one of our corporate events that builds teams, the “Mission Incredible” (because “Mission Impossible” is copyrighted) brings your team together, it has exciting missions that allow everyone to develop their strengths and get to know each other better. Additionally, and a big part of what sets it apart from other events, it allows you to explore a specific location. So, this can let your team get to know Irving (or elsewhere) a little better. You can perform it in very well-known parts of Irving, or areas that you don’t know as well. Our events give your team a chance to explore their own city, too.

Another event that does this very well is the “Amazing Run.” As you might guess from the name, it’s essentially the same paradigm as the “Amazing Race,” just instead of running around some far-flung locale; you’re doing it in your own town. We’ve heard from so many groups that used this in the past that talked about how they never looked at certain parts of their city or area the same way after this. Now, when they drive through the parts of the city where the Amazing Run took place, they can’t help but think back to our event, what took place and what they shared. By putting the event in your city, we make it effortless to carry all of the building of a team that took place back to your business.

Maybe there’s a place in your area that you’d like to explore further your team. Or maybe, you’re looking for an event that’s even more specific for your team than what we’ve mentioned here. That’s why we offer Custom Events. Those events are exactly what they sound like: fully customized events that give you the opportunity to put together the perfect event for your squad. You just have to contact us, give us a bit of information, and we’ll get right to work building the best event for you wherever you are. Contact us at (888) 220-7501 for more.