effective team building in utah

Effective Team Building in Utah

Every place needs leaders. Every company needs leaders. You may be in a more rural area, or have a company that’s far from a big city. It can be easy to look at team building exercises in major cities like New York or LA and think: “we don’t need that kind of team building here.” However, the truth is that team building can help any kind of organization. Not only does it help to bring employees together in a constructive manner, it can be quite a bit of fun, too. In this blog, we’ll go over some of our effective team building in Utah exercises. Remember: these sure aren’t exclusive to Utah. You can have these exercises brought to your town easily.

Thunderous Spuds: Team Building in Utah

Team building is meant to help individuals become a cohesive unit, capable of tackling the absolute biggest challenges that lie ahead of your company. They should also be a real blast. “Spuds of Thunder” manages to provide the best of both worlds. This particular exercise can best be described by two words: potato guns. Yes, your team will build different fortresses or castles, and then protect them from the potato cannons which seek to break the castles down. These exercises are so much fun; it’s hard to even read the words “potato cannons” without cracking even a little smile.

effective team building in utah

Glide High

Utah is known for having some of the absolute prettiest skylines in America. When you look up into the sky in Utah, it seems like it goes on forever. The Eagle Glider exercise allows your team to come together that much stronger while truly appreciating that azure beauty. Better still, it allows the different team members to demonstrate their unique creativity. We’ve had many employers ask us over the years: “are you sure we can do this? There’s basically no wind.”That’s OK. If the winds are lulls or squalls (or anything in between) we’ll be able to provide you with a great gliding exercise.

Coming Together in Flight

Before we bring your team together as one, we break them into smaller teams. There, they’ll work in specific groups with one purpose in mind: building original gliders. They’ll be given some materials and tips for this, but for the large part, they’ll be on their own. This is a real showcase for adults to show off fun, neat designs for their gliders. From there, each team presents their gliders for evaluation. This takes into account the construction as well as the assembly. This particular exercise has one of the best ends of any of them: flight. Everyone tries to fly their gliders to see how far (or not far) they go.

Exercises Anywhere

If you’re in Utah or anywhere else, you may think: “this all sounds great, but my company can’t afford to travel far away for team building.” With FullTilt Teams, you never have to travel at all. Instead, we’ll bring the exercise to you! To see how it all works, call us at (888) 220-7501.