excellent experiential training programs

Excellent Experiential Training Programs

How does one become a leader? There’s one school of thought that says it’s basically something you’re born with, almost like the modern day version of the lineage of medieval royalty. Some people are simply leaders, and others simply, well, aren’t. We’ve found that’s not really true in our years of offering leadership training. Sure, some people are more natural leaders than others. However, everyone can improve their leadership skills. Leaders who are already pretty good can become something special, while people who have maybe never gotten a chance to lead before can discover just how good of leaders they can be. In this blog, we’ll go over how our excellent experiential training programs works.

Experiential Training Programs with FullTilt

“Experiential” may look a bit like the word “experimental,” but it’s not nearly the same thing. One definition of “experiential learning” that we like is: “learning through reflection on doing.” You may have heard of it described by the phrase “hands on,” but it includes that “reflection” stage as well. For this kind of learning, you learn through doing the actions, then you reflect back on what you did and learned. This can reinforce the lessons and experiences, so that they can be drawn upon back in the office.

excellent experiential training programs

Learning by Doing

Our leadership training events are designed to get people involved. We know that not everyone wants to participate all the time, and some folks might like to just hang back. But, our events are made so that everyone can get “hands on” and learn by doing. For example, our “Authentic Leadership” program involves quite a few leadership activities. But, (and this is key) you don’t just do them once. You do them over and over, getting better each time. That way, in the “doing them over and over” part, even those who aren’t naturally inclined to participate will be drawn in to be a part of things.


The “reflecting” stage is so critical to getting the most out of a leadership training exercise. That’s where people really start to put together and see all of the different ways that these exercises make people better leaders. That’s also where people can begin to see how they can take it back to their office or place of work. To use the example of the “Authentic Leadership” exercise again, there’s a step that involves just feedback. Team members learn how to give constructive feedback as well as to take it. They have that experience, so that they can use that invaluable skill when they return to work.

Teams and Experience

Each of our events and exercises are really, at the end of the day, experiences. They give people the opportunity to do fun things they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. As they’re experiences and not something that someone just read in a book, the lessons learned can be more easily brought back to the work place. See how our experiential training works by calling us at (888) 220-7501 or heading to our site.