Improve Teamwork with Effective Communication

Communication is the key to every relationship. It affects relationships in both positive ways and negative ways. Thus, good communication is vital for teamwork in the workplace. That means communication between team members as well as between those in management or leadership positions and their staff.


Communication and Teamwork

In a workplace where communication is required to get the job done, it’s essential to ensure that every team member knows how to communicate effectively.

It’s vital for team leaders to be assertive in their communication to ensure work gets done correctly and on time, all without coming across as aggressive.

It’s also crucial to be intentional with communication in the workplace to avoid any unnecessary conflict. Each member of your team needs to be deliberate and actively communicate to ensure good teamwork throughout the company.

The 3 Key Aspects of Good Communication

To have good communication with your team, you need to take note of three important criteria: listening, clarity and practicing. Let’s take a closer look at these criteria:

  1. Good Listening Skills

Being a good listener goes hand in hand with being a good communicator. To communicate effectively you need to listen actively.

By first understanding what another person is saying, you can take note of what is at stake and truly understand what they mean before responding.

It helps to avoid impulsive responses that may not be effective. The consequence of not listening well could be horrible misunderstandings that can affect team relationship and company culture as well as your work.

Well-thought-out team building exercises can improve listening amongst your team.

  1. Clarity in Communication

Being clear in what you say is vitally important to ensure proper communication and, at the end of the day, a good team. Especially when something has gone wrong, negative emotions can flare up and get in the way of clear communication.

Avoid using words that you don’t fully understand. Choose your words carefully to ensure you say precisely what you mean.

Arrange a leadership training day with your team to improve communication. Clarity is also affected by body language, so pay attention to that too.

  1. Practice Good Communication

To improve your communication skills, you will need to practice them. A good start is always to speak clearly and try not to mumble. Speak slowly with intention.

Another way to practice is to write things down before a conversation or meeting to ensure you can have a clear idea of what needs to be said.

Also, pay attention to the volume at which you speak. You need to be loud enough to be audible but not too loud in a way that seems like you’re shouting.

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