indoor team building in southern california

Indoor Team Building in Southern California

As of this writing, it’s spring in southern California. Soon, it will be summer. That means gorgeous sunny days, palm trees and not a cloud in the sky. That’s wonderful, but it’s not always conducive to team building. After all, if everyone’s too hot to complete the activity, it may not have the desired effect on the workplace. Fortunately, so many of our events can be done inside as well as outside. In this blog, we’ll touch on some of our indoor team building in Southern California events. You don’t have to be SoCal to use them; we put on these events all over the continent.

Team Building in Southern California Indoors

In an indoor, air conditioned environment, no one has to worry about getting sunburned or sweating too much. That makes it a perfect place for our “Outstanding Performance Through Art” module. Every person has some artistry in them, every single one. Perhaps it doesn’t come out in the course of their job as an accountant or engineer, but everyone has some artistic hobby. This team building exercise is a perfect way for it to come out.

indoor team building in southern california

Team Building for Bonding

Many at your company who have innate artistic abilities may not get a chance to showcase them at your job. The supervisor may not find an organic, natural way to bring up his painting. The administrative worker may not find it easy to talk about the novel they’re writing. However, with this exercise, everyone’s inner artist can come out. These exercises allow everyone to show off their artistic abilities. They get to just put everything aside, and focus on artistic exercises. That way, they can create the true art that’s inside them.

Benefits of Indoor Exercises

What makes this artistic exercise so great is that it inspires communication and camaraderie among your workers. The person who spends every night on their screenplay or podcast would dearly love to talk about it. People can bond over their art. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve run this exercise and had supervisors tell us something like: “I had no idea my employees had this in them.” They may not know they had it in them, either. This exercise gives them a chance to take what’s in their hearts and show it to others. Better still, it allows them to do that in a safe, structured way.

Finishing Touches

Of course, in this exercise, your employees don’t just work together to make this art. On top of that, they also get to present it to the group, too. That way, it adds a real “I did this” feel, too. In a practical sense, this exercise can show employers just what their employees can do. This is just one of our many indoor exercises, there are plenty more. To find the right exercise for your group, just give us a call at (888) 220-7501. We’ll sit down with you and find the absolute perfect indoor exercise, even if we have to create it.