outdoor team building activities for spring

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Spring

As of this writing, spring is finally here. Winter with all its bluster and snow has passed, meaning that it’s time for warmer temperatures all across the country. This is the perfect time to get your team into team building activities. We have several outdoor events to take advantage of the weather. After all, depending on where you are in North America, your employees may be tired of being inside and just looking for a great excuse to go out into the spring sun. In this blog, we’ll touch on some of our outdoor team building activities for spring and how they can help your team.

Build your Team Outdoors

While our indoor team building events can make your team strong as well, there’s something special about being outdoors. If your place of business is like others, your employees probably spend all day every day inside. They may only know each other through cubicles, or from passing by each other in a hallway. That all changes with our outdoors events. Now, your team members get to see each other as people, working towards a common goal in a fun way.

outdoor team building activities for spring

Events that Work Best Outdoors

Events like “The Amazing Run” are perfect for this time of year. If you’ve seen “The Amazing Race,” then you have a pretty good idea as to how this event works. Only instead of married couples, long time friends or all of the other relationships that people on the TV show have, with ours it’s just your workers. Better still, instead of having to go through several episodes; your workers can do the entire event in two to three hours. Often, on the television show the teams are couples. In the interest of getting more people to work together, our Amazing Run events use three to five people. That way, more folks get to work together.

Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Activities

Some of our events can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on what’s easiest for you. For example, the Supercar Derby is an event where your team gets to design, build and then drive real life derby cars. You can do this inside on a track, or you can do it outdoors in a parking lot. The choice is yours. Events like this can be perfect year round. The Supercar Derby is also an excellent choice for locations that might have quite a bit of rain in the spring. As the event can be held inside, it can’t be rained out.

Team Building Anywhere

We can hold our outdoors or indoors team building activities anywhere in North America. You don’t have to be near Los Angeles, New York, Houston or some other large metropolitan area to have a team building exercise that makes your team work as one. We can come to you, bringing our team building professionals and materials with us. FullTilt Teams can even design a customized event with you, so that you can have a team building event perfect for your company. Just call (888) 220-7501.