Philadelphia Team Building & Training

Offsite meeting or corporate retreat in Philly? We know you’re busy, so let us sweat the details

Philadelphia, PA – the birthplace of the nation. It’s Always Sunny… soft pretzels, Ben Franklin and cheesesteaks – all guaranteed to ring a bell when we think of Philly. We’ve mapped out some considerations so your people can get the full “philadelphia experience” during your corporate meeting, team building retreat or group offsite. There is just so much content to experience and we can include all the good stuff by recommendation, so you can guarantee your team will have a great bonding experience without worrying about leaving stones unturned. Just let us know a little about your group, where you’re staying and what the goal is so we can help you plan the perfect team building or training activity.

Great Outdoor Team Building Options:

Weather permitting, a custom outdoor adventure style event like the Mission Incredible is always a top option as we can include choices for all physical abilities, enabling participants to see the area and remember it for years to come. The Independence Hall Visitor Center on 6th and Market is a great starting point. We can incorporate different sites around the Old City and see many iconic landmarks like the Liberty Bell, Liberty Hall, The President’s Mansion, Congress Hall, the Old City Hall or the Ben Franklin Museum to name a few. For charitable team building options, the Mission Incredible: Backpack Care Kit variation includes a donation at the end and we can team up with local charities we’ve worked with for years, or any in particular that you prefer.

Great Indoor Team Building Options:

The Grand Mandala Mosaic is a fantastic collaborative team building option to get large group working towards a common end. We can recommend countless venues in Philadelphia including the Bellevue Hotel, situated in the heart of Philly with an impressive 30,000 square feet of meeting space including a particularly large 11,600+ square foot meeting room ideal for very large groups. Another great option is the Philadelphia 201 Hotel, with 60,000 square feet of meeting space and a master 20,000 square foot meeting room, located just a couple blocks from the Pennsylvania Convention Center and a short stroll from Love Park, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute – all great options for our Domino Effect Challenge or multi day meeting with several days of team building when you want to get out into the area. Note: we can break groups into smaller teams in different meeting rooms when needed without impacting engagement, so don’t worry if you’ve committed to a hotel already. Our goal is to be flexible and get your groups bonding with one another. For shorter time frames we can run some fun ice-breakers or team building games/activities that will get your people interacting and bonding with one another.