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Planning to have your next employee engagement events in Boston, MA? You’ve got options.

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts. The city is viewed as the economic and cultural capital of the New England region. It is a historically rich city, getting richer in modern ways and culture.

The city is one of the most accommodating cities for corporate activities and team bonding events. Your team will enjoy the outdoor and indoor spaces that you can get in Boston. Your group can get to walk the Freedom trail, eat the famous Boston clam chowder, and enjoy a cold Sam Adams. All while engaging in employee engagement strategies that will improve each team member and grow your corporate identity.

Boston is just not beautifully attractive, the city has many indoor venues that will accommodate your events no matter the size of your team. Spaces like the Mandarin hotel and the Seaport hotel have meeting rooms that are spacious enough for any indoor activity your team will be engaging in. If you are at loss as to the type of indoor team bonding activities that your group can engage in, Fulltilt has you covered with fun but employee skills improving games and activities.

Boston is a green area that is getting greener and greener. The people of Boston have begun to embrace the beautiful outdoors for events. Therefore, there are a lot of outdoor venues you can explore for outdoor appropriate events. Fulltilt is ready to help you to, from securing your event venue to organize corporate games and activities suitable for the venue in Boston.

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Get Outside

Popular Outdoor Option in Pittsburgh, PA

The Spuds of Thunder is an exciting event we offer for your outdoor team building event. It requires collaboration and creativity and is highly team oriented. Teams will learn strategy and negotiation in this outdoor event. It can be run in most outdoor open spaces here in Pittsburgh.

You might want to consider Point State Park located in 601 Commonwealth Pl, Blvd A, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 for this event. Mount Washington located in Pittsburgh, PA 15211 will also be a good place for this event. Ask us and we will make a recommendation!

Outdoor Team Building Events in San Diego
Indoor Team Building Events in San Diego

Staying Inside

Popular Indoor Option in Pittsburgh, PA

The Domino Effect program is one of the most popular indoor activities we offer at FullTilt. It is highly collaborative, unique and team oriented. The program fills the room with energy, excitement and creativity. This can be run on-site at the various hotels and event centers present here in Pittsburgh.

The Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel at 600 Commonwealth Place Pittsburgh, PA 15222 will be a great place to consider. This exquisite hotel overlooks the Point State Park and the rivers. Its has a lot of available event space for indoor team building activities.  Do let us know if you have any other place in mind and we will make arrangements for it.

Staying Inside

Popular Indoor Option in Pittsburgh, PA

The Hyatt Regency Boston on 575 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA is great for meetings. The hotel has more than 30,000 square feet of gathering and occasion space in 21 capacity rooms and two official meeting rooms. Alongside a sky-lit terrace, the hotel can provide your team food, varying media gear, and an expert to assist your group. The flexibility of this hotel and wide choices of littler spaces likewise makes for a great indoor venue.

All these factors make the venue perfect for End Hunger games. This game is an engaging “CAN-struction” event that promotes creativity, teamwork, and competition. Your group will be broken into teams that will work together to build variously themed structures out of non-perishable goods. The food items will be used to support a local food bank charity of your choice. This event will leave everyone feeling positive and have a significant impact on the local community.

Another great choice for the event is the Battery Wharf Hotel on 3 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 02109. Fulltilt is ready to help you with all points geared towards having a great event.

Indoor Team Building Events in San Diego

Helping Others

Popular Charitable Events in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA is filled with a lot of charitable organizations who will be more than willing to receive your donations when you engage in our charitable events. No better way to give back to the local community than to engage in charitable events.

The Literacy Pittsburgh will be happy to receive your care kit from the Mission Incredible: Backpack care kit. It is located in 411 Seventh Ave., Ste. 550 Pittsburgh PA 15219 USA. They are committed to making better citizens through quality learning.

Charitable Events in San Diego

Some Preferred Venues we’ve run events at in Pittsburgh, PA

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh

 620 William Penn Place Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pittsburgh North Shore

228 Federal St. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212


510 Market Street Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, United States 15222

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