planning your outdoor team building activities

Planning Your Outdoor Team Building Activities

As of this writing, it’s February. That’s not a month for doing things outside in many parts of the country. Indeed, February is usually a month where the best possible news about the weather could come from a groundhog in Pennsylvania. However, there are still plenty of places in the country where your corporate training events can be held outdoors. Moreover, spring, summer and warmer months will be here soon. Now is the perfect time to get started in planning your outdoor team building activities. In this blog, we’ll go over some that we offer.

Our Outdoor Team Building Activities

For many teams and workers, getting to go outside and do something on company team feels great. It can evoke feelings of being a kid and going on a field trip: you get out of a day at school, and you get to do something fun outdoors. That’s exactly what our team building exercises can be that take you out of doors. It’s important to point out that no matter which of our exercises you choose, they’ll have a heaping helping of corporate social responsibility. Giving back helps the community as well as the members of your team. There’s no feeling like helping your community.

planning your outdoor team building activities

Cardboard Boat Building

Of all of the fun outdoor activities, this one stands out because it involves water. If you have a pool or water access, this is a great way to bring everyone together while showcasing (and developing) their creativity. Your group will break into teams, select their materials, and then get to work building vessels. Then, everyone gets to have the fun of showing them off to the rest of the group. Finally, the moment of truth: you get to see how (or rather, if) these vessels can float. Note: while we mentioned this as an “outdoor activity,” it certainly doesn’t have to be. You can do this with an indoor pool, too.

The Amazing Non-Copyrighted Run/Race

You’ve heard of the television show “The Amazing Race,” well – this is basically the same thing, just for your team in a city of your choice. You’ll get to go around the city, really exploring it. This is perfect for recently re-located teams, or other groups that are new to an area. It works perfectly with groups that have many members who are new to an area, as it gives them a chance not just to bond, but to explore their new area, too. As with so many of our other events, you can do this literally anywhere in North America. Discover your new city in the US or Canada.

Indoors, Outdoors, Everywhere

The events we offer bring your team together in any environment or climate. Our indoor events are just as memorable as the outdoor ones, and just as likely to bring your team together in a way that proves advantageous when it’s time to go back inside and go back to work, too. For more info, call us at (888) 220-7501 or head to our site.