terrific team building in toronto

Terrific Team Building in Toronto

Team building doesn’t stop at the northern border. People all over need to have stronger teams in their offices and places of work. That’s why when you click on our site, you’ll find that we expressly don’t say “team building in America,” we say “available anywhere in North America.” That’s because you can get our team building in Canada, too. In this blog, we’ll touch on a few of our exercises which make a terrific team building in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Austin, New Orleans, or anywhere else.

Team Building in Toronto: Amazing Run  

We picked this particular exercise to highlight because it allows your workers to explore the city. In a city like Toronto, there’s so much to see and do. Employees who may have just recently moved up to the city from elsewhere may not grasp that is truly is one of the biggest cities in the world. This particular exercise can bring your entire team together while allowing them to explore the city fully. With our app as your guide, they’ll be able to follow clues from place to play, all the while learning about the city and each other. Built on a similar paradigm to the Emmy award winning show with a similar name, the game has a thrilling conclusion: racing to get to the finish line first.

terrific team building in toronto

Indoors and Outdoors

A city like Toronto experiences all four seasons. Some days, it will be very warm, and on others, well, there’s a reason that Canada is so renowned for hockey. The “Wheelchair Build Challenge” is one of our rare exercises that we recommend is done exclusively indoors. What makes this exercise great is that it has so much corporate social responsibility organically built in. Yes, basically all of our exercises include corporate social responsibility, but this one is special. Teams compete in contests to earn supplies, and then use those supplies to build the wheelchairs. Once they’re done, the fun isn’t over. Then, they get to see just what those wheelchairs can do in a course challenge.

Charities and More

The final part of the Wheelchair Build Challenge is that your employees can pick a local charity that will get the wheelchair. The “End Hunger Games” have nothing to do with that popular book and movie franchise, but they have everything to do with making sure that charities in Toronto (or the town of your choosing) have all of the food that they need. When people do good things for others, it helps to bring them together. That’s what our group activities can do for your team.

Team Building with FullTilt

You don’t have to travel to Canada to get the best team building. In fact, you don’t have to travel anywhere. We can bring the team building to you. On top of that, we can make sure that the team building emphasizes what you want emphasized, too. To see the full extent of our customization, give us a call at (888) 220-7501.