three outdoor team building activities

Three Outdoor Team Building Activities for your Workplace

Whenever you think of a team building activity, your first thought is probably some boring conference room with a random businessperson repeating old corporate slogans over and over again. It’s either that, or depressingly awkward ice breakers. Let’s be honest, what group of hard working employees wants to be subjected to that? No, 2019 is the year that corporate team building events leave the convention center. These are three outdoor team building activities to try this year.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Mission Incredible

The Mission Incredible activity will center around a series of creative challenges set across a location of your choosing. It can be a park, a neighborhood, or beach, Just let us know where and what you would like to accomplish. We’ll make sure to set up a worthy and entertaining even that will challenge your team and spark their sense of camaraderie.

three outdoor team building activities

Spuds of Thunder

How does building a fortress sound? At the Spuds of Thunder event, you and your team will build a fortress out of various materials earned via a series of challenges and contests. You’ll be able to win different supplies as you cement your relationship with the other teams and fortresses. That’s when the battle begins! You’ll take turns shooting potato cannons at each other’s fortresses. The last one still standing will be the winner of the Spuds of Thunder!

Eagle Glider

Put your creativity and crafting skills to use as you and your team construct your very own flying cardboard glider. Your team will break into groups and build the gliders out of the given materials. The overall quality will be then put up for aesthetic and mechanical evaluation before it’s time to fly it! Now your ability to fly your glider will determine your fate. Is your masterpiece going to soar up all the way to the skies? Will it immediately crash and burn? You and your team better make sure it’s the former.

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Switch the stuffy office environment in favor of a wide open park. Breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy the much-needed change of pace. Connecting with the great outdoors is the best way to let go off all the setbacks and contrivances of the workplace and open up to your fellow coworkers. At FullTilt we offer many different outdoor team building activities that will help you and your peers become a more cohesive, effective team.