top team charity events

Top Team Charity Events by FullTilt

You want to make your team stronger. Sure, you hired a great group of workers, but you want them more to be strong, individual workers – you want a team. That’s where we come in. Our team-building does exactly that: it builds a team. A team is more than just a group of people working at a job – it’s about believing in the person next to you. That’s part of what we foster. On top of that, we believe that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) should be incorporated into events, too. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the top team charity events that we offer.

All Team Charity Events

It’s important to note that each of our events has some degree of CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility is important for any number of reasons. Helping charities in your town is a true good, and we’ve found that it helps bring teams together. That way, employees and co-workers know that they aren’t just doing an exercise or event just to do an exercise or event – some good will come of this. They’ll get that feeling you get when you’re doing right by someone else. That feeling ends up bringing the team together even stronger.

top team charity events

Bikes, Wheelchairs and Food, Oh My

“End Hunger Games” may sound like a protest against a futuristic battle royale tournament, but really it’s a charity event we offer where teams work to bring the most canned goods to local food banks. Like so many of our charity events, the “charitable” part of it isn’t forced or tacked on – it’s organically ingrained into the development of the event. That way, the feeling of doing good for other people is always present. In this particular event, your co-workers break into teams to compete for non-perishable food items. Then, your team gets to test their creativity by making designs. Finally, the food is given to the right group.

A True “Win-Win”

There is perhaps no cliché in business more abused than the “win-win.” So often, when someone says “win-win” it’s only a win for one side. What makes our charity events a true “win-win” is that everyone gets something great out of it. Local charities get the bicycles, wheelchairs, food or more that your teams put together. The boss/CEO gets workers that learn something about how to become a team. Moreover, they learned it through hands-on experience, so they’ll have something to take back to the place of work with them. The workers themselves will gain a greater appreciation of their co-workers, and know what it means to come together for one goal.

Your Charity Events

In this blog, you saw just some of the charitable events that we offer. Of course, we have custom events, too. In these, we sit down with you to figure out what might be the best charitable event for your company. We can build one that meets all of your needs and objectives. Start the process by calling us at (888) 220-7501 or heading to our site.