improve team building in southern california

Use Art to Improve Team Building in Southern California

An exquisite corpse is an art making method created by surrealists in the early twentieth century. It consists in one person starting a drawing or written text, concealing most of it, and passing it along to someone else for them to continue with the project with only the end of the previous contribution as a guideline. This goes on an on, until there is a full piece created by several people, not one of which saw the whole picture. This isn’t just a fun parlor game, but a good metaphor for teamwork in general. It also happens to be one of the components of our exercises that really improve team building in Southern California.

After all, that’s how teams in offices work. Their each doing their work on their own, barely knowing what the other is up to, hoping that it all comes together in the larger picture. We at FullTilt understand the inner workings of teams and how to help improve them. How do we do that? Well, we have very different activities and events to do so, and they each take a separate approach to team building. And one of the most interesting ones, is via art making.

improve team building in southern california

Outstanding Performance Through Art

FullTilt’s Outstanding Performance Through Art event is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to channel their creativity into team building exercises. This program, which has been experienced by companies as big as Microsoft and H&M, aims at highlighting your team’s artistic abilities and bringing them to the surface for them you bring them into the workplace.

Our carefully thought out artistic exercises, games, and tasks will be sure to spark your team members’ imaginations, inviting them to share and communicate as part of the activities. They will learn how to openly interact with their co-workers, working with them in tasks that will break the drone of workplace routine and further inspiring camaraderie among them.

FullTilt Team Building in Southern California

Our priority at FullTilt is to provide the best possible team building experience for your workplace, providing out of the box ideas and activities that encourage bonding and communication. We can guarantee that our events will have a tangible, positive impact on your work environment.

If you wish to learn more about our practices and our experience, be sure to check out or website, where you can find thorough information on our many team building exercises and events. And, if you wish to speak to us directly, you can always call (888) 220-7501 and receive a free consultation.