corporate social responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility All About?

If you are in the business of selling a product or service you should be aware of how Corporate Social Responsibility affects your company. Today’s modern consumer journey has changed. Consumers spend more time researching the products they want to purchase. They depend on the reviews of other fellow consumers to weigh in on the worthiness of the purchase. Consumers always keep an eye on how a business is effecting change in the social arena. They keep tabs on a business’s practices, beliefs, and everyday actions or inactions. Today’s consumer can turn from a loyal buyer into a boycotted at the drop of a hat.

Your company will likely always be held accountable by the general public for the actions your take. This can range from how you dispose of your waste, who you hire or how you handle customer complaints on social media. One misstep can mean the pitchforks are raises and the mobs ascend. For this reason, you will want to be aware of how to best hand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

corporate social responsibility

Its come to a point where in absence of the government making more to protect social and environmental changes consumers look too big business to take a stand. If you want to invest time into practicing CSR techniques at your company you can start by focusing on how your company handles their carbon footprint. If your company is willing to make the effort to reduce your carbon footprint it will not only reflect well on you but will be beneficial to the earth. Your company can also examine if you are practicing ethical labor. Are you treating your employee’s fairly? Are they legally getting the breaks, vacations, and insurance they are owed? From there your company can take a look at whether they are involved in philanthropic ventures or whether they want to be. Having an honest involvement in your community through fundraisers and the hosting of charitable functions can have a profound effect on how your consumers and the public view you. Your company can also plan volunteer activities that can give back to other organizations and allow for team building

If you want to start making a difference in your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts you can plan for company activities and outings that work to teach those values. FullTilt Teams offers plenty of different charitable group activities for your office works to collaborate on. If you’re interested in working on your company’s CSR as well as have a team building event we offer events like End Hunger Games and Bike Building for Charity. Your team can compete to win the most nonperishable foods to the donate or building a bike that will be donated to a charity. To learn more about our events visit our Team Building page and schedule an event today.  You can schedule activities year-round for groups ranging from 20 people to 2000. Get your whole company involved in your social efforts.