outdoor team building activities

Your Team Should Try Outdoor Team Building Activities

You most of your time at work which means you may have a core group of friends or people that you associate with on a daily basis. This could be the people in your department or the members of your sales team. Company-wide this means there are likely a bunch of different groups that rally together to collaborate, think tank and make their day go by in a fun and effective manner. Your company may even have different branches in other towns or cities. There may even be sites around the world depending on your industry. With so many people at work and creating relationships, your company might take advantage of team building activities that bring together those departments that haven’t met or those sales teams that aren’t working as cohesively as they should.

If you or your company is invested in keeping a healthy work environment that fosters friendship, great working relationships and overall good company morale you may want to consider doing team building outings a few times a year. Outdoor team building exercises allow your employees to not only have fun outside (as opposed to cramped or everyday office space) but also allow for an increase in productivity. When your employees learn to work together for a common goal during a fun activity is can easily transfer to how they view working together during a normal workday.

outdoor team building activities

Outdoor team building activities are also a great way to differentiate who is a natural leader or has the skills to become a leader in your group. This can transfer to the office and create a new sense of purpose for that person. It’s also a great way to spread motivation. Working together as a group towards a common goal will shift moral and make your employees enjoy coming together to complete a fun task.

Team building activities are also a great outlet for members of your team that enjoy being creative. It can help them bring their best ideas to the table and work together with their coworkers. It may also be a great platform for employees that are more shy to come out of their shell and learn to be more outspoken. Working as a team means encouraging those around you which can be just what an apprehensive, shy employee needs to make a connection with their team.Team building also helps to create skills for problem-solving and critical thinking. These two attributes can be incredibly important in the workplace.

If you’re interested in scheduling an outdoor team activity for your employees look no further than FullTilt Teams. We have fun and engaging activities that work towards building your employees confidence and productivity. Some of our activities include art programs, supercar derby races, spud gun fun and building bikes for charity. If you’re ready to create a more efficient team find out more about how by taking a look at our Team Building page and schedule your event today.