What is the Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix?

This is a highly experiential communications styles learning activity that blends elements of Meyers-Briggs, Strengthsfinder and DISC tests. A fun and memorable event that unites your team as they learn more about each other and themselves. Team members come away with a fresh awareness of their unique communication and behavioral style along with their natural talents and unique abilities.

The experience has your team gain a perspective and understanding of the diverse range of talent, skills, communication and behavioral styles that exists on the team. Ultimately, this program is about getting your point across and understanding where others are coming from to shift productivity and bottom line results from relationships.

How does it work?

. The learning experience starts with fun icebreaker activities that help your team open up and feel comfortable. As your team continues to work together on specially-designed challenges, they will discover their different communication types and behavior styles. Once the varying “types” are discovered, your team will learn new behavioral concepts to integrate at work through another series of hands-on challenges

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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Awareness of personal learning style
  • Emotional Intelligence insights
  • Understand how your team best communicates
  • Your own personal communication assessment & style
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