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The Best Team Building Activities in Houston

Team building activities in Houston, TX, are an excellent way for your organization to strengthen its company culture, boost employee morale, and increase productivity. Houston is an ideal city for your next team building event—from outdoor scavenger hunts and cardboard boat races to indoor events such as dining in the dark and the domino effect.

Houston boasts a rich, vibrant culture, diverse attractions, stunning architecture, and unique Texan cuisine. In addition, Houston has large open spaces for hosting large off-site, outdoor corporate events. Also, locations like the JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, and Hilton provide the perfect facilities for hosting indoor corporate team building activities.

Ready to strengthen your team’s communication skills, productivity, and morale? Are you looking for unique team building activities in Houston that won’t break the bank? Then look no further.

This article discusses some of the most effective team building options in Houston to bring out the best in your team while providing an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Team Building in Houston, TX?

Houston is a great location to choose for team building activities. The city is renowned for its space industry, oil and gas production, large outdoor spaces, and top-class hotels. This means all the infrastructure is in place to host large corporate events. Additionally, the ethnic mix in the city is reflected in its unique cuisine and over 11,000 restaurants.

FullTilt Team Development has many years of experience organizing fun team building programs in the city.

For example, the downtown historic district in Market Square Park is an ideal starting location for a team building scavenger hunt like Mission Incredible. Or what about the Marriott Marquis Convention Center Hotel, with over 100,000 square feet of meeting space? This location is ideal for large indoor team building exercises like the charitable Wheelchair Connection or Dragon Throne.

The benefits of team building in Houston are many. Fun team building activities involving friendly competition help foster better communication and collaborative skills, develop problem-solving abilities, and strengthen trust among happy employees.

houston team building activities

Not only will these activities help build a stronger team, but they can also boost morale and create lasting relationships among coworkers.

With its diverse range of attractions and experiences, Houston is the perfect place to take your employees out of their comfort zone and get them excited about their work environment. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect activity for your team that will leave them feeling inspired and motivated.

The Best Outdoor Team Building Activities in Houston

Organizing outdoor team building activities for employees in the largest city in Texas is a great investment in your teams. The best team activities should involve some degree of healthy competition, collaboration, and opportunities to focus on personal growth and soft skill development.

Let’s look in detail at how to create an enjoyable experience for your next team building event in Houston.

Mission Incredible in Houston

Mission Incredible is an urban scavenger hunt ideally suited to Houston. This exciting challenge aims to help participants explore the city and bond with team members at the same time. This fun group activity encourages teamwork as teams work together to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and strategize the best route for completing the mission.

The benefit of this team building activity is that it can include any specific objective and goals you want to incorporate. These can include leadership skills, calculated risk-taking, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, we can integrate obstacles such as detours, roadblocks, and time constraints to make the event more exciting.

Mission Incredible team building activity is a top choice for hosting a corporate team event in Houston. It is highly adaptable and scalable and can incorporate the best attractions in Houston. And you can choose whether the event challenges will be creative, active, or cerebral.

Cardboard Boat Race

One of the most fun company outing ideas is the cardboard boat race. You can hold this event in Lake Houston, Sheldon Lake, or the other lakes near Houston. Alternatively, you can arrange this fun team activity in the local hotel swimming pool.

Suitable for between 12 and over 500 participants, this event helps to develop and strengthen the following essential skills:

  • Focused communication
  • Time management and planning
  • Collaboration and cohesion
  • Creative thinking
  • Healthy competition

How does the Cardboard Boat Race work? Our expert facilitator splits groups into teams of four to eight people. Participants must work together to buy materials, design, and build a boat from cardboard. Then, they must race their boats across the water. This popular team building activity helps members work in high-pressure environments.

fun team building activities
Team building image: The Cardboard Boat Build

Find out more about the Cardboard Boat Building activity.

Iron Chef — Cooking Event in Houston

One of the most popular team building ideas in Houston is our cooking event—the Iron Chef. Texas is well-known for its culinary delights—chicken fried steak, Cajun crawfish, barbecues, and Tex-Mex. Teams get to create various dishes using local ingredients. The activity culminates in a tasting session where teams present their creations to the other participants and judges.

The Iron Chef event is a great way to develop a sense of camaraderie among team members. It also encourages collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving skills—not to mention culinary skills. Ultimately, team members feel a greater sense of bonding after developing new skills useful for the office and the kitchen.

Learn more about organizing the Iron Chef team building event in Houston or a city near you.

Spuds of Thunder

Spuds of Thunder is an awesome team building activity popular for outdoor team events in Houston. Participants must create and design their own bazooka-like potato cannons and build mighty fortresses to protect their “realm.” The goal is to launch the spuds with precision and accuracy to blast their opponent’s citadels.

The benefit of this team building activity is that it actively encourages groups to think innovatively and plan strategically. It also improves team collaboration as they learn to work together, communicate effectively, and demonstrate leadership skills. Another benefit is that it helps break down silos in organizations.

Here are some of the key outcomes when hosting a Spuds of Thunder team building event in a city near you:

  • Learn negotiation and trading tactics
  • Project management
  • Collaboration with others or acquire better products (RFP simulation)
  • Deployment of human capital

spuds of thunder team building fulltilt
Team building image: Spuds of Thunder

Find out more about the FullTilt’s Spuds of Thunder event.

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The Best Indoor Team Building Activities in Houston

The best indoor team building activities in Houston offer a great way to foster collaboration, creativity, mutual respect, and learning within teams. These indoor activities can be tailored to suit any size and type of group—from small work teams to large corporate events. Plenty of options are available, from classic team building games to more unusual activities.

Here are a few indoor team building exercises that FullTilt arranges in Houston.

The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is a great option for team building in Houston because it encourages innovative and creative thinking. The challenge is for teams to build an inspiring machine that works on the domino effect to perform a simple task. Each team must use its budget to obtain the necessary materials.

The Domino Effect is good for building team spirit in a fun environment. This event is especially successful because our trained facilitators incorporate curveballs into the activity. This could involve changing timelines, making some components mandatory, or changing human capital. The team with the most efficient machine wins the event.

team building event houston

Learn more about our indoor team building activities like the Domino Effect in Houston or cities near you.

The Wheelchair Connection

The Wheelchair Connection is a popular corporate indoor team building activity involving a sizeable charitable donation. Participants must complete various challenges to earn supplies and tools for this fun activity. Then they must assemble wheelchairs and test them by completing several challenges.

Organizing team events that include empathy for people living with challenges helps strengthen corporate culture. Not only does the Wheelchair Connection teach compassion and understanding, but it strengthens camaraderie. Also, making a sizeable charitable donation helps to create memorable experiences for all the participants.

Find out more about FullTilt’s Wheelchair Build Challenge in Houston or a city near you.

Dining in the Dark — A Culinary Event in Houston

Dining in the Dark is an exciting corporate team building event for groups of all sizes. This popular culinary activity takes place in Houston. It offers a unique dining experience designed to sample the best in Southern cuisine that Texas has to offer. The event can include interesting menu choices along with educational components.

We can arrange Pitch Black Dining in almost any location. You could use a hotel room or take the unique blindfolded dining experience off-site to another location. The dishes are packed with exotic, tropical flavors and can have meat, seafood, or vegan options.

The benefit of feasting on a delicious meal in pitch darkness is that it heightens all the participants’ senses in a fun environment. But there’s more. Pitch Black Dining in the Dark also fosters trust, energizes team members, and allows everyone to enjoy an unforgettable positive experience.

team building exercises houston

Dining in the Dark is one of FullTilt Team Development’s highly-rated team training programs in Houston. Click here to learn how your team can enjoy delicious food while participating in a unique event.

The Dragon Throne

One of the best group activities for indoor locations in Houston is Dragon Throne. Anyone who loves Game of Thrones will love participating in this fun-filled and entertaining team event. In this exciting experience, participants learn the value of collaboration, planning, and clear communication.

As one of our more popular choices, the Dragon Throne is perfect for a team building event. The event works by creating teams (Great Game of Thrones Houses). Then, participants must make cardboard armor and weapons to participate in duels and battles to become the reigning house.

Here are the skills that Dragon Throne teaches:

  • Collaboration skills
  • Time management and planning
  • Working in high-pressure environments
  • Project execution and strategy
  • Thinking outside the box problem solving

Choose FullTilt for Your Next Team Building Event in Houston

FullTilt Team Development is the perfect choice for your next team building event in Houston. We host a range of fun and interactive activities to bring out the best in your team.

FullTilt only uses experienced facilitators to organize corporate event packages. We have many years of expertise in the industry. Therefore, your teams are guaranteed an incredible experience from our range of bespoke events we host in Houston and throughout North America.

So, if you’re looking for the best team building activities in Houston, look no further than FullTilt Team Development. Contact us today at 310-400-6285 or by using this online form to start planning your next event.