Key Aspects to Consider

Activity Level Moderate

Group Size 25-250

Team Size 2-8 people

Best Venue Indoor/Outdoor(Water Access)

Event Duration 2-4 hours

What is Cardboard Boat Building Activity?

The Cardboard Boat Building Activity challenges your team to design, build, and float a boat made from cardboard and tape! Your team will have a chance to work cohesivelythink creatively, and enjoy an exciting competition. This activity is available anywhere in North America with pool or water access for any size group.

How the Cardboard Boat Building Activity works:

1. Split into separate teams, “purchase” materials, and build your vessels
2. Showcase the construction and capabilities of your boat to the group
3. Compete against other teams in exciting challenges in the water

Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Highly collaborative & team oriented
  • Communication focused
  • Blue Ocean thinking (outside the box problem solving)
  • Time management & Planning
  • High pressure project execution & Strategy
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