What is CAP Feedback?

This program is specifically designed to incorporate feedback into the culture of a business so that it is a valuable and welcomed regular ritual. Simply put, feedback is essential because at its root, it is how a business prospers. Constant and vigilant course corrections are necessary to steer a business towards success. Keeping employees happy and motivated with clear direction is essential to maintain a high level of performance and satisfaction.

CAP Feedback is an acronym for Clear, Authentic and Productive Feedback. Each of these words has been carefully chosen to describe a crucial facet of a successful feedback program. Clarity is essential because people MUST be able to decipher the feedback they receive. Without comprehension, feedback is a waste of time. Authenticity means that people will take the feedback process seriously; they recognize that their real input is important to the CAP Feedback process. Trust is built within the organization as the process begins to mature. Lastly, in order to be useful, feedback should be productive – that is good feedback gives people understanding of how to improve performance in the future.

FullTilt Team Development has designed this program to be effective in any type of business environment. Quite possibly, it could be the single biggest positive step forward that any training could offer your business.

How does it work?

This event can complement any training program program wherby the concepts learned in the training are layered into a team building event in an interactive, hands-on and memorable format.

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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Progress Accelerates with Great Feedback
  • Systematize the Feedback Process Within Your Company
  • Build a Culture of Constant Improvement
  • Smooth Course Corrections
  • Understand How to Capitalize on Strengths
  • Identify Challenging Areas
  • Creating a Culture of Feedback Means Constant Growth
  • Highlight Future Areas of Development
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