Key Aspects to Consider

Activity Level Low to Medium

Team Size 4-8 people

The event is typically followed by a team building program whereby the skills learned in the training are layered into a team building event in an interactive, hands-on and memorable format.

Group Size 8-50 participants

Best Venue Indoor

What is the Cross Boundary Communication?

Cross Boundary Communication helps your team master effective communication and listening skills along with a level of mastery of asking for, giving and receiving feedback. These traits ultimately enhance a team’s ability to collaborate, share ideas and work together more seamlessly.

How Does it Work?

In keeping with our primary objectives, the Cross Boundary Communication Module is engaging and FUN! FullTilt uses a series of memorable challenges to engage the group and put the concepts into practice. An example of this is our slingshot marshmallow activity. Once the slingshots enter the program, everyone pays close attention and the event becomes more and more dynamic.

1. The event starts with a fun icebreaker activity that helps your team open up and feel comfortable
2. Teams will work through unique activities to discover different styles of communicating and listening effectively
3. Once these styles are identified, your team will implement new techniques with hands-on challenges

Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Identify the Root Elements of Communication
  • Learn How to Effectively Listen
  • Practice Giving Feedback so it is Heard
  • Find Out What Works – AND What Doesn’t
  • Develop a Positive System of Communication
  • Create Clear Channels Inside the Workplace

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