Dining in the Dark

Group size 12 – 500+ participants
Team size 4 – 8 people
Best venue – Indoor & Outdoor
Activity level – Medium
This event can complement any training program whereby the concepts.

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What is Dining in the Dark?

  • One of the most unique experience FullTilt offers.
  • Create a unique menu experience for your team.

How does it work?

Envision a lineup of people blindfolded. There is nervous chatter as they follow one another into the darkened room where the meal is presented
Facilitator will offer simple guidelines on how to best engage in eating in PITCH DARKNESS
People will explore their surroundings using only verbal communications

Key Aspects to Consider:

Indoor venue with access to kitchen. Most hotels will allow you to access their chef if purchasing Food and Beverage
Time - 2 - 3 hours
Any group size
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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Foster Trust
  • Energize Your People
  • Experience a New Adventure
  • Open Up Your Senses
  • Have an Unforgettable Meal
  • Give Your Staff an Inspiring Experience
  • Awaken a Passion for Life
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