Divine Wine Experience

Group size 12 – 500+ participants
Team size 4 – 8 people
Best venue – Indoor & Outdoor
Activity level – Medium
This event can complement any training program whereby the concepts.

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What is the Divine Wine Experience?

The event will demystify the world of wine in a fun, interactive setting. Not only will your group learn about the fundamentals of wine from a sommelier, they will also experience a number of adventurous challenges. There is a reason some people are reverential when it comes to the enigmatic world of fine wine. Layers of complexity and subtle elements might combine to create a fleeting experience of liquid heaven. FullTilt Team Developments Divine Wine Experience puts teams a full cycle project with various layers in order to create their own liquid heaven.

How does it work?

Participants are divided into groups throughout the experience so that ideas can be shared and connections can be made, all in a lively format that celebrates success. This is an energetic and dynamic workshop where participants will be constantly engaged in activities and group interactions that reinforce the importance of how knowledge is power when put to good use.

After learning about wine, teams put their newly acquired knowledge to the test through a variety of challenges that might include:

  • Cork and Pick Wine Rack – This is an elegant building challenge – either your bottle is safe … or not!
  • Build a Blend – Mix a variety of wines in order to create a magical blend – or Vinegar.
  • Branding and Marketing Magic – Can your team come up with an appealing package for a new wine?
  • Wine Ranking Challenge – Will your taste buds be able to distinguish the good stuff from the Two Buck Chuck?
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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of wine through a taste experience
  • Understanding of how small things make a big difference
  • Experiential knowledge of coping with tight deadlines
  • Innovative approaches to complicated challenges
  • Appreciation for different perspectives
  • Passion opens the doors to possibility
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