Mandala Mindfulness Project?

In this unique program, participants will have the opportunity to make something special in a beautiful collaborative fusion of creativity. Teams will use a series of panels and work together to create a collage of customized mandalas – each of them featuring a single large letter in the middle of the form. All of these pieces will then be photographically joined into one coherent and inspiring message centered around the concept of innovation, creativity or the theme of your choice.

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How does it work?

Methodology – A tailored approach to the activity to fit your theme and desired outcomes. Our team is extremely flexible and will build the activity around your objectives. The below methodology can be modified and tailored to suit your group preferences.

Foster personal and professional relationships within group

Improve communication skills with proven methods and practices

Directly engage in activities designed to be inclusive and interactive

Create unity within group through a strategic learning process

Ensure everyone participates and contributes

Clearly define what a successful program looks like – then deliver

Make program adventurous and FUN

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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Highly collaborative & team oriented
  • Communication focused
  • Blue Ocean thinking (outside the box problem solving)
  • Time management & Planning
  • High pressure project execution & Strategy
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Supercharge team performance through
mutual respect and collaboration

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