Mandala Leadership Challenge

Group size 12 – 500+ participants
Team size 4 – 8 people
Best venue – Indoor & Outdoor
Activity level – Medium
This event can complement any training program whereby the concepts.

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Mandala Mindfulness/Leadership Project

  • Unique opportunity to make something special in a beautiful and collaborative fusion of creativity.
  • Based off of the Tibetan Buddhist Ritual of creating Sand Mandalas.
  • Teams use a series of wooden panels, working together to create a large collage of customized mandalas.
  • All individual pieces will be photographically joined into one coherent and inspiring message centered around the concept of innovation, creativity or the theme of your choice.

Key Aspects to Consider:

Methodology - A tailored approach to the activity to fit your theme and desired outcomes
Indoor (ideal) or in a covered (wind protected) area
Timing - FLEXIBLE (2 - 3 hours)
Team size: 3 - 6 people
Venue/space - flexible as long as it can comfortable accommodate your group size

Key Outcomes and Benefits

Foster personal and professional relationships within your team
Improve communication skills with proven methods and practices
Create unity with the group through a strategic learning process
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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Highly collaborative & team oriented
  • Communication focused
  • Blue Ocean thinking (outside the box problem solving)
  • Time management & Planning
  • High pressure project execution & Strategy
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