What is the Art of Presenting?

Your company’s public points of contact are critical to the bottom line of your business. Presenting your business and products dynamically and effectively through your staff is one way to distinguish yourself in the market. The Art of Presenting is one of the most valuable skills that can be developed within your company, from the top executives down to the front line customer service professionals. And here’s something exciting: this training is a BLAST! Your team will feel prepared to handle pressure situations where quality presentations will impact the overall level of success your company generates in a massively positive way.

Developing the confidence to effectively interact with people inside and outside the office can make the difference between enjoying success and suffering through unpleasant failure. The Art of Presenting was designed by FullTilt Team Development to ensure that participants build skills that will enable them to prosper. This in turn means that your company will reap the benefits of having great points of contact, better sales closing statistics and an improved company image.

How does it work?

The event is typically followed by a team building program whereby the skills learned in the training are layered into a team building event in an interactive, hands-on and memorable format.

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Key Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Inspire Confidence in Your People
  • Maximize the Benefits Offered by Public Interaction
  • Train Your Staff to Welcome Public Speaking Opportunities
  • Increase Sales With Effective Interaction
  • Developing Great Speaking Habits
  • Make the Most of Any Meeting
  • Extinguish Common Fears Associated with Public Speaking
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