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Why Team Building Really Matters for Your Business Growth

Effective team building is a crucial factor behind strong business growth. And the reason is simple. Individual employees play a vital role in the success or failure of any company. But they must function in cohesive teams. Why? Because without excellent team communication, leadership, and trust, any business — large, small, or startup — will find it almost impossible to operate efficiently. Team building is one of the best ways to boost employee performance.

There are several ways in which team building can boost business growth. Apart from fostering successful teamwork, corporate activities for employees help to strengthen company culture, reveal leadership potential, provide learning opportunities, and build your brand.

Unfortunately, some business leaders view team building events as an unnecessary expense. However, with this attitude, they forget the value of their most valuable asset — their employees. Therefore, team building is undoubtedly an investment in your company’s future.

What are the benefits of team building that your company can enjoy? Why is investing in corporate events for employees crucial for the growth of your business? This article examines 11 benefits strong teams can bring to your company.

What is Team Building?

Team building events can be any type of activity that helps develop solid teamwork or camaraderie within a group to work toward business goals. Team building aims to form bonds so individual employees can work together more efficiently. In addition, activities to build stronger teams are an important part of employee training and development programs.

Types of Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities are usually games, activities, events, or meetings with the goal of motivating employees. The activities should help team members learn more about each other in an environment away from the workplace. In addition, team-building exercises often help teams develop better relationships and communicate more effectively.

Here are some popular team building activities your company could benefit from:

  • Building things for charity
  • Activities to help groups work in synchrony to inspire and boost innovation
  • Problem solving activities
  • Popular film-themed challenges
  • Skills-based events to improve leadership and managerial skill sets
  • Personality-based team events
  • Value-based team building activities to boost employee engagement

Of course, this is just a short list of the kind of activities that can help create an effective teamwork environment for your company.

11 Ways How Team Building Boosts Business Growth

If you are serious about growing your business, then team building is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. Here are 11 ways how corporate team activities can produce high-performing teams.

1. Team Building Develops Excellent Communication Skills

Improving communication skills is the top reason team leaders plan team building events. The benefit to your business is that good communication builds a culture of trust among team members, helping them work better together with less friction. For example, a study showed that team building activities improved staff communication and job satisfaction.

You can plan events with the specific goal of building effective communication and trust. For example, a team event based on productive practices helps participants develop skills to share success, plan activities, and trust each other. Team leaders find that enhanced communication boosts efficiency and benefits the company’s bottom line.

2. Use Team building Events To Boost Innovation And Creativity

You can plan team building events to help employees become more creative and innovative. People tend to “think outside the box” and come up with fresh ideas in a group of people they feel comfortable with. This environment encourages openness and honesty, ensuring everyone feels included and valued.

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Collaborative environments allow employees to learn from each other. Research suggests that a spirit of teamwork makes people more creative. For example, a study by Stanford University found that people working in groups were more motivated, worked harder, and found it easier to overcome challenges.

3. Team Building Enhances Company Culture

One of the benefits of planning events to build a team is to improve your company’s culture. Very often, management and employees can drift apart in their view of the business. This can cause managers to fail to understand the needs and wants of employees. Therefore, team building can create a positive environment and align the entire team with company values, working toward a shared goal.

There’s another benefit to company culture. After a successful team event, employees usually understand each other better — their strengths and weaknesses. They also appreciate that everyone is unique and can make meaningful contributions. This understanding fosters a spirit of togetherness which will benefit the company’s future.

4. Teams Building Exercises Increase Productivity

With better communication, trust, and creativity, it’s no surprise that team building boosts productivity. Well-planned events to build teams get employees and departments working together. Everyone starts pulling in the same direction. When the individual efforts of team members are combined, the overall effect is greater.

Team building events enhance productivity by providing the skills necessary to complete tasks. Additionally, multiple individuals working together in a team often come up with innovative ideas and completely new ways to approach problems. This leads to new products and processes that wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration.

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5. Unique Team-Building Events Give You Bragging Rights

The healthy competition generated in certain team building events helps to increase productivity. When people compete against each other, they’re forced to work harder and smarter. Combined with a fun, competitive spirit, an inclusive team building activity is a powerful tool to motivate employees.

Take, for example, a fun, competitive team building event run by FullTilt Teams called Iron Chef. This activity puts cooking skills to the test in a head-to-head competition. Each participant must make various dishes to see who can create the tastiest one.

6. Celebration, Team Spirit, Fun, and Motivation Are Team-Building Benefits

One of the benefits of team building is that it gives everyone a break from tedious day-to-day office work. Team building events are about having fun while working together toward a common goal. These allow everyone to let loose and enjoy each other’s company. The result? Stronger bonds among coworkers make them better workers.

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There is another reason to organize team building events on a consistent basis. They give you a chance to celebrate success. Celebrating success through team building has several benefits, including the following:

  • Motivates the team to continue working for more success
  • Reminds employees of the company’s core values and goals
  • It helps employees focus on the positives of working for the company
  • Builds trust
  • It gives everyone a chance to reflect and recharge

Therefore, after a fun team building event, everyone returns to the office invigorated and ready for the next challenge.

7. Create Team Bonding Events To Look Forward To

Whether you plan weekly, monthly, or quarterly team building events, they give employees something to look forward to. These events will be highlights in the calendar that break up the pressure of meeting deadlines. As the fun event approaches, excitement will build, and the employees will be motivated to work harder.

It’s also good to remember that organizing events to boost productivity isn’t all about working harder. Instead, the team building activities give employees a well-earned break, promoting good mental health.

8. Plan Engaging Team Building Activities To Show Appreciation To Employees

Team-building events are a great way to show employees how much you value them and what they do. They’re also a good opportunity to reward people for their hard work. After all, without excellent team performance, your company will not have much success to celebrate.

9. Unlock Leadership Potential During Dynamic Team Building Events

One of the excellent benefits of planning regular team building events is that you can discover potential leaders. Usually, in a creative environment and participating in innovative activities, employees may demonstrate qualities you can’t see in a day-to-day setting. In addition, the events can boost confidence, giving employees more opportunities to grow.

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10. Build a Bridge Between Departments

Better collaboration between departments is an excellent benefit of team building. For a business to grow and stay successful, various departments must work together. For example, the sales team must collaborate with marketing, product managers, and developers. Additionally, HR must work closely with the recruitment team.

team building activities

Therefore, strong company growth depends on boosting communication, understanding, and teamwork throughout the company, not just in one department.

11. Increase Employee Morale and Engagement

Organizing regular team building events on a regular occurrence is the best way to engage employees with the company.

There are several reasons why employees feel more engaged. First, fun activities involving staff help turn acquaintances into friends through socializing. In addition, team building strengthens bonds and leads to greater camaraderie. And they reduce stress at work because teams work more efficiently.

But there’s more. Team building activities help employees bond over things outside of their jobs. This helps improve communication and breaks down barriers. Additionally, employees can use the skills they learned at team building events to expand their skill sets in everyday tasks, like being more creative, forward-thinking, adaptable, and getting along with others.

Plan Team Building Activities for Business Growth

Organizing team building events is crucial if you want your business to grow by having a more efficient workforce. These activities can help improve team communication, skills, performance, and collaboration. Team building is an investment in your company you cannot afford to forget.

Are you looking to improve your teams’ performance to make them work more efficiently? If so, FullTilt Teams has unique, dynamic, and creative team building events to suit your company goals.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information about how your company can engage in team building activities for increased business growth.