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The 10 Remarkable Benefits of Off-Site Team Building Activities

Organizing regular off-site team building activities should be a crucial element of company culture. Planning team-based events away from the office gives employees time to relax, build relationships, and learn new skills. In addition, off-site team building events keep employees engaged and encourage them to be more creative. This helps create a positive atmosphere within the company and increases productivity.

However, organizing team bonding exercises away from the workplace is more expensive than on-site. So, is it worth it? As with any investment — and team building is an investment — you must be sure of its return. But does organizing team building events off-site bring a good return on investment?

The article examines whether team building events at off-site venues represent value for money. You will also find information on the benefits of organizing corporate retreats for employees. In addition, you will learn about successful team-based activities that employees love.

What is Offsite Team Building?

Off-site team building involves organizing group activities away from the workplace. These can include outdoor team activities in another city, Geocaching, weekend corporate retreats, or sports activities. The events can last several days or one afternoon. The goal is to give employees opportunities to develop relationships and vital skills without work distractions.

Why Organize Team Building Events Offsite

Company offsites benefit employees, bosses, and the entire organization. First, employees can escape the office and maybe the city for a period. With fewer workplace distractions, off-site team building events help you refocus and plan for future growth. They are ideal for rewarding employees, building relationships, and boosting productivity.

How to Plan Team-Based Activities at an Off-Site Venue

Planning team-based activities at an off-site venue requires careful consideration. It’s crucial to choose a location that offers all the necessary amenities. You also need to consider the size of the event, its duration, and budget restrictions. It’s also vital to ensure everyone invited can travel to the event.

Due to the complexities of planning a corporate offsite team-based event, many organizations use experienced facilitators to organize it. Professional team building planners can tailor events to suit your organization’s goals, long-term objectives, and budget.

For example, Full Tilt Team Development regularly organizes off-site corporate events for large and small companies. These events range from scavenger hunts in large cities in the US to cooking classes, rescue missions, beach Olympics, and cardboard boat building. These events can be arranged in your home city or anywhere in North and Central America.

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Ten Benefits of Off-Site Team Building Activities

The primary benefit of arranging a team-building corporate offsite event is giving employees something back. After all, they are your biggest asset and are worth the investment. The benefit to employees also directly affects your company’s success and growth. Happy employees are more productive, energetic, and creative.

Your organization can experience ten tangible benefits by organizing off-site fun team-building activities.

1. Team-based events away from the workplace boost camaraderie

Off-site team building activities are an excellent way for employees to bond away from the office. Taking part in fun team challenges where everyone must collaborate to win has incredible value in building camaraderie. Team members get to see each other in a different light and discover new talents and abilities.

offsite team building spuds thunder

Off-site team building event to boost camaraderie: Spuds of Thunder is a fun activity to strengthen teamwork and collaboration and help employees form bonds. This is suitable for indoor or outdoor locations and company retreats.

2. Offsite team events encourage creativity

Taking team-based events offsite is an effective way to encourage creative thinking and strategic planning. Team building activities in locations outside the office get employees in a different mindset. Gone are the distractions that tend to stifle out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity. Instead, employees get the chance to generate meaningful, innovative ideas.

Off-site team building event to encourage creative thinking: The Mandala Leadership Challenge is a unique program to motivate employees to think creatively in a relaxed environment. The event can be tailored to your long-term goals and company objectives.

3. Planning a company retreat to celebrate success

What better way to celebrate success than planning an offsite event for your team? Team celebrations reward everyone for their hard work, commitment to company goals, and overcoming challenges. Getting out of the office for a day or weekend can positively impact team morale.

Research shows that people are more productive and engaged when they feel valued and appreciated. For example, a Gallup survey found that employee recognition boosts individual engagement, productivity, and loyalty to the company.

Off-site team building event to celebrate success: Raising the Tiki Bar is a fun group event to reward employees for their achievements. This Hawaiian-style food-based event is perfect for company retreats and offsite venues.

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4. Offsite team building activities make employees feel valued

Off-site team building events are often typically more expensive than on-site ones. Therefore, organizing corporate offsites sends positive signals to your employee about their value to the company. Not only will employees be happier, but they will also keep focused on their work back in the office.

team building activities fun full tilt development

Off-site team building event to reward employees: The Divine Wine Experience is not only about wine tasting. Participants are challenged to build a blend, make a cork wine rack, and market their product. It’s an ideal way to combine fun and to learn at the same time.

5. Team building corporate retreats help to refocus on a common goal

A leadership retreat is a great way to refocus on the company in a relaxing environment. Often, stress and high-pressure situations stifle innovation and can cause team members to lose focus. However, getting together in a venue away from the office is perfect for reevaluating company growth and direction.

Off-site team building event to focus on leadership goals: Full Tilt’s Authentic Leadership training event is designed to help leadership teams develop skills necessary for leaders to drive company growth and motivate employees.

6. Increase employee engagement in corporate outings

Off-Site team building events are the perfect way to keep employees engaged. Many studies show that employee engagement is one of the most important factors determining how well a business performs. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the organization and contribute to its success.

Offsite team events to boost engagement can include brainstorming sessions, problem-solving games, and activities to boost creative thinking.

Off-site team building event to encourage employee engagement: Mission Incredible is a scavenger hunt you can arrange in any large city to strengthen employee engagement. Teams have responsibilities and must overcome obstacles and roadblocks while working under time constraints. It fosters healthy competition and helps to develop cohesive teams.

7. Off-site team building retreats increase employee retention

One of the greatest benefits of planning offsite corporate events is retaining your best employees. Team building programs are excellent for employee upskilling and participating in fun activities. However, they also help managers, team leaders, and employees form bonds — a factor that helps employees feel engaged, motivated, and part of the company.

end hunger games team building full tilt

Off-site team building event to boost employee retention: End Hunger Games is a fantastic offsite event to get teams working together for a good cause. It teaches empathy, teamwork, and communication. Additionally, the event boosts morale and helps strengthen corporate culture.

8. Company offsite team bonding activities encourage thinking outside the box

Getting your entire team offsite to participate in team building exercises is perfect for encouraging creativity, innovation, and taking responsibility. Getting away from the office environment can make it easier for team members to think outside the box — also called Blue Ocean thinking. Being in a natural environment, a different city or even a foreign country can spark greater creativity.

Off-site team building event to encourage outside-the-box thinking: Fantasy Island is popular team building activity for friendly competition in offsite events. Participants must create a floating raft from cardboard, make it across the water, and create an attractive environment reminiscent of a fantasy island.

9. Corporate offsites boost productivity

Organizing team events away from the workplace can positively boost team productivity. First, they provide opportunities for teams to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere where they can sharpen their soft skills and bond with colleagues. Then, after returning to the office, teams are more cohesive and can reach decisions more effectively.

Off-site team building event to increase productivity: The Art of Flight event boosts productivity by teaching effective team communication, collaboration, time management, leadership skills, and Blue Ocean thinking.

10. Organizing team events in offsite locations builds mutual trust

Corporate outings for team building are crucial for building trust among colleagues. Offsite team building events promote open dialogue and encourage employees to present their thoughts freely without fear of being judged negatively. This makes team members more willing to engage in discussions about topics such as work ethics, expectations, and goals.

full tilt kidnapped team building

Off-site team building event to foster trust: Kidnapped: A Rescue Mission is a popular off-site, fun activity to build cohesive teams and teach time management, problem-solving skills, and mutual trust.

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