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How Team Building Boosts Employee Engagement

Team building activities are an excellent way to strengthen employee engagement. Team events help individual team members bond, develop strong relationships, and foster mutual respect and understanding. And engaged employees typically enjoy better job satisfaction, performance, and mental well-being. But how does team building boost employee engagement?

In this article, we’ll explore how team building helps promote meaningful relationships, encourage collaboration, and build morale within the workplace. You will learn which fun team activities can be powerful tools to increase employee engagement and productivity. Additionally, you’ll learn about the best team exercises that promote better problem-solving skills, communication, and collaboration.

Employee Engagement Definition

Employee engagement describes the emotional connection an employee has toward work. The degree of engagement is seen in the employee’s commitment and involvement toward the organization they work for. By fostering a positive workplace culture, employers can ensure team members feel engaged because of an emotional attachment to the company.

Here are some characteristics and words to describe an engaged employee:

  • A sense of purpose in the workplace
  • High level of responsibility toward their tasks
  • Engaged employees take ownership of their work
  • A high degree of job satisfaction
  • High-performance levels
  • Engaged employees are emotionally invested in the company
  • They are creative, innovative, enthusiastic, and positive

Team Building and Employee Engagement – What’s the Connection?

Effective team building events help develop and strengthen the skills required for high employee engagement levels. For example, many team-based exercises focus on leadership skills, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, innovative thinking, and collaboration. The training in a team building program provides the key drivers of employee engagement.

Why Employee Engagement in the Workplace is Critical

Employee engagement is a critical component of workplace success. It helps create an environment where employees feel valued, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity. In addition, an engaged team is more likely to stay loyal and committed to their organization, reducing employee turnover.

For example, a 2022 Gallup survey found that 65 percent of the US workforce does not feel engaged in the workplace. As a result, these employees are indifferent to their job and can easily decide to move on. This can be a costly expense for an organization. According to data, hiring new talent costs an average of $4,683.

However, the lack of team engagement can be even costlier to an organization. Disengaged employees have poor productivity, low well-being, and lack innovation and creativity.

Eight Ways How Team Building Boosts Employee Engagement

Team building activities are important to creating an engaging work environment for all employees. This is because getting a group of individuals to work together doesn’t constitute a team. Without organizing team bonding sessions, team members can quickly become disengaged. Instead, team building games teach employees teamwork and strengthen bonds.

Here are eight ways team building can help employees feel more engaged. For each benefit, you will find a suitable team building activity that promotes higher employee engagement rates in the workplace.

1. Team Building Promotes Innovation And Collaboration

Team building activities are an excellent tool for fostering employee collaboration and innovation. Many studies show a link between employee engagement and innovation. Getting an entire team together in a relaxed environment allows them to devise creative solutions to problems, think of new ideas, and brainstorm.

Another way that team building promotes team engagement is that members can learn from each other’s unique perspectives and experiences. This leads to more creative thinking and “out-of-the-box” ideas.

problem solving full tilt

Ultimately, team building promotes innovation and collaboration by creating an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and working together towards common goals.

Team building employee engagement idea: Cardboard Boat Building activity. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Outside the box problem solving
  • Time management and planning
  • Working in high-pressure situations

2. Team Bonding Strengthens employee Engagement

You can use team events to foster employee engagement by organizing team bonding activities. When individuals collaborate in a team to solve challenging situations, a strong level of camaraderie develops. This leads to team members feeling more connected to their colleagues with an increased sense of mutual respect.

With greater trust, team members develop emotional connections to colleagues and the organization. Also, organizations that invest in effective team building show that they value their workers. The result is greater employee engagement rates. Ultimately, team building activities are key for creating an environment where everyone feels appreciated and engaged in their work.

Team building employee engagement solution: Mission Incredible. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Time management skills
  • Mutual trust and decision making
  • The importance of strong relationships
  • Conflict resolution

3. Team Building Activities Develop Better Problem-Solving Abilities

Team building promotes higher engagement levels because they teach problem-solving skills. Productive employees are those who collaborate to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. These skills help to reduce frustration by helping everyone to work together and approach problems from different angles.

Team building activities also encourage an atmosphere of collaboration. Typically, this leads to greater employee satisfaction and engagement levels.

outdoor team building event

Team building employee engagement idea: The Art of Flight. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Blue Ocean thinking
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management and effective execution
  • Teamwork

4. Team Bonding Builds Valuable Relationships

Team bonding activities are a great way for employees to get to know each other, build relationships, and work together more effectively. When done properly, these activities can help build employee morale because they work with friends, not colleagues. This fosters stronger relationships, making team collaboration on tasks and projects easier.

Additionally, fun team building activities allow employees to take a break from the stress of their daily work duties. These events provide valuable opportunities for team members to build relationships and have fun while doing it.

Team building employee engagement solution: Wheelchair Build Challenge. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Empathy and mutual respect
  • Time-management skills
  • The importance of helping others
  • Overcoming leadership challenges

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5. Fun Team Building Events Boost Employee Engagement And Morale

Fun team building activities for employees are a great way to promote positive employee morale. It’s a known fact that healthy employee engagement is directly linked to morale and overall job satisfaction. Not only are employees happier, but organizations that have a team building program experience greater employee retention rates.

Off-site weekend retreats are some of the best team-building activities to engage employees. These allow everyone to relax, wind down, and participate in fun events. Additionally, team leaders can strengthen the company culture by reinforcing core values during team events.

Team building employee engagement idea: Spuds of Thunder. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Negotiation and trading tactics
  • Teamwork
  • Project management and using resources wisely
  • Effective communication

6. Team building exercises fortify good communication skills

Clear communication is the best way to keep employees fully engaged. Therefore, most team building exercises focus on improving communication skills. These skills include active listening, clarity, and respect for others’ opinions. Additionally, many team activities help participants to express themselves without feeling judged. The result is better interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

For example, Business New Daily reported that effective communication promotes a sense of shared mission. In addition, improved communication practices foster “authentic employee engagement.” As a result, engaged employees are more accurate, loyal, and productive.

Team building employee engagement solution: FullTilt Team Development’s Leadership Development Training. Lessons these team activities teach:

  • Developing various leadership styles
  • Establishing trust between team members
  • Maintaining integrity
  • Effective delegation and oversight

7. A Team Building Program Promotes Positive Mental Health And Employee Engagement

A team building program in your organization can positively impact employee mental health, thus boosting engagement. One of the benefits of team building and mental health is that it helps the entire team feel more engaged. In addition, well-planned team exercises encourage employees to feel more connected to their roles and colleagues.

How does team building boost engagement and benefit emotional well-being in the workplace? Here are a few examples:

  • Team building activities can reduce stress levels because they help develop essential soft skills.
  • Fun activities provide an outlet for fun that doesn’t involve the pressures of work.
  • Team events promote healthy workplace relationships.
  • Team building helps employees resolve adverse events and conflicts and make collective decisions.

team building

All of this adds up to improved mental health, greater job satisfaction, and higher levels of employee engagement. When done right, a team building program can be incredibly powerful for promoting positive mental health in the workplace. Therefore, don’t forget to include them in your employee engagement strategy.

Team building employee engagement idea: Domino Effect Challenge. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Team collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • How to work in high-pressure environments
  • Task planning and time management

8. Team Building Games Level The Playing Field

One of the greatest benefits of team building in helping employees engage is that it helps break down barriers between co-workers and management. Team events engage everyone regardless of their experience level, position, or background. Therefore, a lower-ranked secretary may have to collaborate with a CEO or team leader in a fun activity.

Team building allows employees to connect on a more personal level and build trust. At the same time, everyone can learn valuable skills like communication, problem-solving, and cooperation.

The bottom line is that team building games can help foster a sense of camaraderie in the workplace, leading to higher levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Team building employee engagement solution: End Hunger Games challenge. Lessons this team activity teaches:

  • Build camaraderie between workers and management
  • Focus on teamwork, collaboration, and communication
  • Boost morale
  • Make a sizeable donation to a local charity

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