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What Are the 9 C’s of Team Building?

Team building is one of the most effective tools for creating a cohesive and creative work environment. But do you know the fundamental principles that contribute to effective team building? It’s not just about bringing a group of individuals together. Team building requires cultivating a sense of cohesion and collaboration.

Effective teamwork is vital for achieving shared goals and objectives in any organization. However, building a high-performing team requires more than assigning tasks and expecting team members to complete them. Productive teams follow the nine C’s of team building. These provide a solid framework for creating a strong and supportive team dynamic.

This article uncovers the nine essential components of building a successful team. You will also learn nine specific team-building activities to develop and strengthen each of the nine C’s. As a result, you will see improved communication, collaboration, and overall performance within your team.

What is a Team Building Strategy?

A team building strategy is a series of activities and workshops to help the entire team work creatively, cohesively, and productively. Team building activities are fun, goal-orientated tasks designed to build trust, improve communication, foster collaboration, and enhance problem-solving skills among team members. The result is increased morale, motivation, and team success.

The Importance of Team Building Activities

Team building activities are crucial for creating a positive work environment. When executed correctly, team building events help leaders strengthen the nine C’s that maximize team performance. Activities for effective team building help remove barriers, foster trust, improve communication, and promote creativity. Ultimately, team building creates high-performance organizations.

The Effectiveness of the Nine C’s for Team Building

The nine C’s are at the core of team performance. These components are communication, creativity, collaboration, commitment, constructive feedback, cohesion, credible leadership, continuous improvement, and capability. A combination of these nine C’s positively impacts team effectiveness and contributes to personal development and the growth of team members.

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The Nine C’s For Successful Team Building and Teamwork

Let’s take a closer look at each of the nine C’s and how they enhance team building.

1. Clear communication

Effective communication is vital in teamwork. Only when all team members are on the same page can they work cohesively toward common goals. Clear communication helps to minimize misunderstandings, ensuring the entire team completes tasks efficiently. Therefore, it’s crucial to include team building activities to teach various communication methods and styles.

Unfortunately, a communication breakdown causes confusion. This leads to delays and errors, ultimately hindering the team’s success. By prioritizing clear communication, teams can effectively collaborate, solve complex problems, and achieve their goals together.

Team Building Activity To Improve Communication Style

FullTilt’s team building event, Cross Boundary Communication, is designed to help team members develop an open communication structure. Through a series of challenges, everyone learns effective communication and listening skills. This activity also includes giving and receiving feedback from team members.

Cross Boundary Communication Team Event

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the nine C’s at the heart of high-performance teams. Collaborative teams have excellent synergy, trust among members, and mutual respect. Team members learn how to work independently and collaborate with others to achieve a collective goal, even when they disagree on specific aspects of the task.

Fully-functioning teams don’t just cooperate—they collaborate. Therefore, team members realize that they must take on different roles for the good of the team. This involves recognizing strengths and weaknesses and ignoring individual agendas. 

Team Building Activity To Strengthen Collaboration

One of the most popular team building events to promote collaboration is the Cardboard Boat Build.

Team members must work collaboratively to construct a boat using basic materials such as cardboard, duct tape, and standard office supplies. The challenge demands that each team communicate effectively and collaborate to achieve the best results and ultimately win the challenge. There is no room for personal agendas to create the best boat.

9 cs of team building
Cardboard Boat Build Team Building Activity

3. Commitment

Commitment is a crucial component of effective teams. Successful teams must be committed to the company culture, goals, and mission. A team-building program should help develop accountability and trust to achieve. It’s also vital to foster a sense of responsibility, ownership, and accountability among team members.

Committed team members are invested in their projects. This gives them a greater sense of engagement and morale in the team. Individuals realize that their decisions and choices affect team success. If one team member slacks off, it undermines the combined efforts of the entire team.

Team Building Activity To Boost A Sense Of Commitment And Collaboration

FullTilt has developed the Domino Effect Challenge to teach commitment to common goals. Various challenges help teams to strengthen collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. Each member strives to achieve a common goal. In this case, they must build a functional machine. Participants learn how collaborative synergy drives success in creative and business endeavors.

The Domino Efffect Team Building Challenge

4. Constructive feedback

Constructive feedback is one of the nine C’s required for effective teams. Feedback is crucial for teams to grow and reach their full potential. It helps keep clear lines of communication open, increase engagement, and address concerns before they escalate. However, knowing how to give positive or negative feedback is a skill team-building events can teach.

Team leaders must realize that a lack of regular feedback seriously affects teams. It leads to misunderstandings, a lack of trust, and a toxic workplace environment. In this respect, team building activities can help improve giving and receiving feedback.

Team Building Activity To Develop A Positive Feedback Culture

FullTilt Team Development has developed the Clear and Productive Feedback Module in its Leadership Training Program. The CAP module stands for Clarity, Authenticity, and Productivity. Here is why the program is effective for giving construction feedback:

  • Clarity: Feedback must be clear and easily understandable.
  • Authenticity: Feedback should be genuine and taken seriously by individuals. This helps to develop trust within the organization.
  • Productivity: Good feedback provides insights into improving future performance.

Clear, Authentic and Productive Feedback

5. Cohesion

One of the essential C’s of effective team building is cohesion. Team building activities are a vital tool for developing cohesion within a team. These activities get team members together outside the workplace in a relaxed environment. Participating in team events helps improve camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

Other ways how team building activities help develop cohesion are the following:

  • Help to establish trust: Team members learn to rely on each other and build trust, which is crucial for effective teamwork.
  • Improve communication: Team building activities often include communication exercises that help team members develop practical communication tools
  • Build relationships: Team building activities provide opportunities for team members to get to know each other on a personal level.
  • Foster team spirit: Participating in fun and challenging team building activities creates a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among team members.

This shared experience helps foster a positive team spirit that carries over into the workplace.

Team Building Activity To Strengthen Team Cohesion

A scavenger hunt like The Amazing Race is one of the best team building activities for developing a cohesive team. This popular off-site corporate event is suitable for diverse locations and venues across North America.

The Amazing Race combines teamwork, healthy competition, and some physical activity. Participants must complete challenges and solve clues in iconic city locations. This event builds camaraderie by improving problem-solving, communication, and collaborative skills. It instills in team members a sense of achievement.

The Amazing Race

6. Credible leadership

Credible leadership is one of the most important C’s for successful team building. Effective team leaders are crucial in guiding the team towards common goals. They monitor and maintain the commitment of team members, assign roles, communicate effectively, manage conflicts, and promote team synergy and cohesion.

However, leaders are not born leaders. Leadership is a skill anyone can learn. Leadership activities help develop inspiring and motivating individuals who can strengthen the nine C’s in solid and productive teams.

Team Building Activity To Develop Credible Leadership Skills

FullTilt’s Authentic Leadership workshop helps potential leaders learn methods and skills to achieve cohesive teamwork. The group participates in challenging activities to help leaders improve their leadership skills. They are required to complete a task repeatedly. Each time, they must incorporate some original thinking to help them think like leaders.

Authentic Leadership Team Building Event

7. Capability

Capability is one of the nine C’s of team building that refers to maximizing the team’s skill set. The key to achieving optimal team performance is to build a team comprising varying levels of skills. This typically consists of two groups of people:

  • Team members who have acquired the necessary skills
  • Team members who require further training and development

Team leaders should constantly monitor the team’s progress and assign tasks based on each capability and expertise. Regular assessments can help develop the necessary skills to build a capable team.

Team Building Activity To Improve A Team’s Capabilities

One of the best team-building events for developing skills is the Eight Productive Practices module. This team event focuses on strengthening eight habits that high-performing teams exhibit. These are:

  • Proactive action
  • Planning
  • Prioritizing
  • Sharing success
  • Communicating
  • Cooperating
  • Practicing success
  • Trust

This program can complement any training program to create an educational, interactive, memorable event.

8. Continuous Improvement

The best high-performing teams continually look for ways to improve. Team members are committed to individual performance and working cohesively to enhance teamwork. This mindset makes teams better able to face new challenges with confidence and skill. Therefore, they can develop a culture of excellence, never being content with second place.

It is essential to foster a culture where team members feel free to identify areas for improvement, propose solutions, and establish processes to evaluate and implement changes as needed.

Team Building Activity To Help Teams Improve Continually

The Mandala Mindfulness Leadership Project is a great way to develop a culture of continuous improvement within a team.

This activity involves working collaboratively to create an eye-catching mandala—an intricate and symmetrical design using colored wooden panels. Team members work together to make this beautiful piece of art, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, attention to detail, and continuous improvement.

Mandala Leadership Project

9. Creativity

Creativity is one of the top C’s that can positively impact team effectiveness. Creating an environment that encourages risk-taking, celebrates diversity, and embraces change fosters creativity. Team building programs can help equip team members with critical thinking skills to think outside the box.

One of the biggest team killers is the lack of creativity. Teams cannot adapt to changing circumstances and market needs when they become stagnant. Therefore, it’s vital to create a culture of creativity.

Team Building Activity To Encourage Creativity

The Art of Flight is one of the best outdoor team building activities for developing outside-the-box thinking. This activity teaches real skills that are transferable to the workplace. The objective is to build an airworthy cardboard aircraft with tape and basic materials. This activity helps to develop ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and camaraderie.

This immersive experience helps your team improve teamwork skills. Moreover, they will develop valuable relationships within and outside the organization. They also develop stronger attachments to work colleagues.

The Art of Flight

How FullTilt Can Help You Achieve Team Goals

FullTilt has developed a range of team building activities to address the nine essential C’s of solid teams. Our team of on-site facilitators can customize programs to fit your organization’s unique needs and goals. Whether you want to improve communication, creativity, collaboration, credible leadership, or cohesion, we have a team building activity to help you achieve your objectives.

Contact FullTilt today to learn more about how our team building activities can benefit teams in your organization.