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How To Organize The Best Team Building Events In Philadelphia

Organizing team building events in Philadelphia is a great way to enhance your company’s productivity. Team building aims to unite your team, encourage collaboration, boost employee engagement, strengthen teamwork, and build mutual trust and respect. Additionally, organizing team events in Philadelphia gives you opportunities to strengthen company culture.

Philadelphia, or Philly, has fantastic opportunities to organize indoor and outdoor team building events. The city has the title of “America’s Garden Capital” due to the number of parks and open green spaces. Also, due to its architecture and historical buildings, it’s called the “Athens of America.”

What are the best team events in Philadelphia for indoor and outdoor settings? Some of the most popular team activities FullTilt organizes in the sixth most populous city in the US include Spuds of Thunder, The Great Race, Mandala Leadership Challenge, and Dining in the Dark. Additionally, various charity team events in Philadelphia are extremely popular.

What are the many reasons to organize your next corporate event for team building in Philadelphia, PA? Please read on to find out.

Why Invest in Team Building?

A team building program is an important investment for any organization. Team activities help employees build relationships, increase collaboration and trust, and improve communication skills. Team building activities also encourage creativity, problem-solving, and risk-taking.

The skills that team building helps develop are essential for strengthening teamwork so teams can achieve their goals with minimal effort. Additionally, team building activities allow team members to get to know each other on a more personal level. This helps build strong professional relationships and loyalty.

Organizing corporate team building activities is an investment because the potential is increased productivity, improved morale, and greater success.

Why Organize Team Events in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a vibrant city with a rich historical culture. Many travel guides rate Philadelphia as one of the top cities in the US to visit. And when you get to Philly, you can see why it’s on many people’s “must-visit” list.

Regarding architecture, the “City of Brotherly Love” has some of the best buildings in the US, dating back to the 18th century. And walking down some of the streets, you easily think you are in Victorian London. Additionally, Independence Hall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Organizing corporate events in Philadelphia also allows your employees to visit some of the best museums in the country. These include the Museum of the American Revolution, Carpenters’ Hall, and several art museums. These will surely add to a memorable experience in the nation’s former capital city.

philadelphia team building activities

With over 10,000 acres of parks, Philadelphia has plenty of event spaces for fun activities. For example, Penn Treaty Park is popular for outdoor team building events like scavenger hunts, cardboard boat racing, Spuds of Thunder, and many more. Other famous parks in the city include Fairmount Park and Wissahickon Valley Park.

With a range of top-class hotels like the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue Hotel, Loews Hotel, and the Ritz-Carlton, there are plenty of options to accommodate your group and host indoor corporate events.

List of the Best Outdoor Team Building Ideas in Philadelphia

Outdoor team building activities are a great way to encourage team bonding in the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

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Spuds of Thunder — A Fun Team Building Event in Philadelphia

One of the most popular team events in Philadelphia is Spuds of Thunder. This fun activity is based on strategic thinking, teamwork, and creativity. Teams must build their fortresses, form alliances, and then take aim to use their spud bazookas to inflict the heaviest assault on their opponents.

The benefit of this team building activity is that it teaches skills that translate to business. For example, requests for proposals, deployment of human capital, project management, and trading tactics are the key outcomes of this outdoor event.

spuds of thunder team building fulltilt
Team Building Image: Spuds of Thunder

This team building exercise actively encourages participants to plan strategically and think innovatively. Additionally, it improves teamwork as team members strengthen their communication and leadership skills.

Learn more about the benefits of organizing the Spuds of Thunder team event in Philadelphia.

Kidnapped: A Rescue Mission

What better way to explore the stunning city of Philadelphia than to rescue one of your team in a scavenger hunt? During this corporate outing, teams must work together to organize an emergency rescue mission. They must solve clues to progress, identify the kidnapper, and rescue the hostage.

This fun group activity has several benefits for the workplace. First, team members learn a keener awareness of the importance of relationships. They also must collaborate and come up with innovative problem-solving ideas. Ultimately, participants learn to make strategic decisions, follow through, and trust each other.

7 leadership traits

Learn why Kidnapped: A Rescue Mission is one of the best company outing ideas for Philadelphia.

The Great Race

The Great Race is one of the best corporate event ideas for a scavenger hunt in Philadelphia. Based on the TV show “The Amazing Race,” this fun team activity is an exciting scavenger hunt through Philly. Participants must complete several challenges in time. These involve overcoming obstacles and roadblocks and solving problems.

Based on friendly competition, each team must show outstanding creativity and strategic thinking to succeed. All the challenges will be based on Philadelphia’s rich history. This event offers fun activities for employees in Philly.

The benefits of this outdoor corporate team building activity include strengthening teamwork, thinking outside the box, and learning the importance of clear communication.

Learn more about the benefits of organizing The Great Race team event in Philadelphia.

Lights Camera Action

One of the most fun team building activities is FullTilt’s “Lights, Camera, Action.” Thanks to its numerous parks and stunning architecture, Philadelphia is the ideal location for this fun interactive game. The event involves developing an idea, creating a clear vision, and producing a high-quality video with a narrative. In addition, company leaders can use the team event to align with company goals and new products and emphasize corporate values.

How does this corporate activity work? First, the entire team must develop an innovative idea for a short film. This must include several elements of a successful video. Then, participants must decide on roles—acting, filming, directing, and editing. Teams then film and edit the best bits into their own blockbuster.

The key benefits of this fun team building activity are the following:

  • Learn how to come up with a vision and successfully see it through to fruition
  • Better communication skills
  • Discover how to collaborate and challenge yourself in new roles

Learn more about organizing the Lights, Camera, Action event in Philadelphia.

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Organize the Best Indoor Team Building Activities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the ideal location for organizing company team building activities indoors. The city has many options for corporate events, whether they are for indoor scavenger hunts, art programs, or to enjoy a memorable private dining experience.

Organizing indoor team building activities in Philadelphia is also perfect for winter or during inclement weather.

The Domino Effect Challenge — Fun Indoor Team Events in Philadelphia

The Domino Effect is a fun indoor team event in Philadelphia that encourages innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Teams must build an elaborate machine that performs a simple task. This requires team members to communicate and show ingenuity and good cooperation skills within the team.

How does the Domino Effect work as a fun indoor activity? First, teams must complete challenges to acquire the necessary supplies and materials. They then have to build a structure using the materials and get it working. The activity encourages creativity, strategic thinking, and solid teamwork.

san francisco team building activity

Key benefits of this fun team activity include the following:

  • Learn critical thinking and how to think outside the box
  • Improve communication skills and teamwork
  • Execute strategies in high-pressure situations

Learn more about the benefits of organizing The Domino Effect Challenge in Philadelphia.

Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark is a fun food-based activity that can be held in almost any indoor venue in Philadelphia. This team event allows participants to experience an exclusive dining event in pitch darkness. This heightens their sensory skills and is a rich learning experience for the entire team.

Additionally, the catering menu can include a range of interesting choices or experience Philadelphia’s wonderful cuisine.

team building exercises houston

The key benefits of this corporate activity include allowing your team to experience new adventures, fostering trust, and energizing communication between team members. And at the same time, everyone gets to enjoy an unforgettable meal.

Do you want to treat your employees to an awesome afternoon of food in Philadelphia? If so, learn more about organizing the Dining in the Dark event or the Divine Wine Experience.

Mandala Leadership Challenge

The Mandala Leadership Challenge is a team building activity inspired by ancient Asian artwork. Participants work together to create individual mandalas, which are combined to form a larger collage. This activity can be beneficial for companies looking to improve collaboration and boost morale in the workplace.

As the team collaborates on the mandala project, they must overcome communication and problem-solving challenges. This provides them with an opportunity to improve their trust and teamwork skills. Furthermore, the activities are designed to be inclusive and promote a sense of unity among team members.

One of the benefits of the Mandala Leadership Challenge is that it produces a visually appealing representation of teamwork. This memorable piece of art can be showcased in the office. It also provides an interactive experience for your team and reinforces the significance of teamwork, respect, and unity in your company.

Learn more about organizing the Mandala Leadership Challenge team event in Philadelphia.

Charitable Team Events in Philadelphia

FullTilt Team Development is dedicated to supporting local charities in cities across North America, where we organize corporate team building events. No doubt your organization is interested in strengthening its corporate culture and fostering empathy and understanding among employees.

Organizing charitable team events in Philadelphia is a great way to show your employees that their work makes an impact. Not only will they be doing something meaningful and rewarding, but they will also be able to strengthen their teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

Here are three popular team building events that benefit local charitable organizations.

  • Bicycle Build Challenge—Teams compete by completing challenges and earning tools and materials to build bicycles. Then, they test the bikes through different obstacles and challenges. Finally, the assembled children’s bicycles are donated to a charity. bicycle build challenge is a great way to have fun while doing good for the community.
  • Anything it Takes—This program is super flexible and offers a wide range of activities. You can try pottery classes for seniors, build play equipment for local schools, or even build wheelchairs or bikes. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for team members to bond in a setting outside the office.
  • The Wheelchair Connection—This charitable event is great for building teamwork, camaraderie, and employee engagement among your team. It also helps participants learn empathy for those facing obstacles in life. The result is fully assembled wheelchairs that get donated to a local charity.

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What better place for employees to bond than in the City of Brotherly Love?

With over 20 years of experience in team-building, FullTilt has designed activities that help build relationships among team members and allow them to work together more effectively. From scavenger hunts to exciting rescue missions and charitable events, we organize a wide range of corporate team building activities in a city near you.

Our experienced facilitators work with your company to organize bespoke team building events that align with your company’s goals, aspirations, and culture.

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