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The Best Team Building Activities in Austin, TX

Is your organization seeking the best team building activities in Austin, TX? This vibrant city is full of exciting opportunities to build strong bonds within your team. From outdoor scavenger hunts and rescue missions to indoor charity events and cooking classes, Austin has plenty of options for team building events. But why choose the capital of Texas for your next corporate event? Please read on to find out.

Why Choose Team Building for Your Organization?

Team building activities benefit organizations—large and small—in several ways. Many studies show that well-organized team events help improve communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. These factors lead to better team morale, teamwork, increased employee engagement, and a stronger company culture.

Many companies have experienced that a team building program results in better productivity. After all, happy employees who trust and respect their colleagues work better together to accomplish tasks and reach goals. Additionally, hosting corporate team building activities in a city like Austin shows appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication.

At FullTilt Team Development, we have many years of experience organizing team corporate team events in Austin, TX. If you are interested in how your company can benefit from a day of team building in Austin, please continue reading.

Why Choose Team Building in Austin, TX?

The city of Austin, TX, has much to offer for hosting corporate events. Despite being the state capital of Texas, the city retains its small-town feel. It is famous for its vibrant culture, live music, creative communities, and various museums. In addition, plenty of cultural events allow you to get a taste of Southern hospitality.

Austin is also perfect for organizing outdoor corporate team building events. The climate is subtropical and has sunshine throughout the year. Although summer temperatures can hit the high 90s, temperatures during winter range between 62°F and 71°F with very little rainfall.

austin team building activities

Another reason to choose team outings in Austin is that the city is surrounded by lakes and rivers. Some notable waterways are Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis, Lake Austin, the Colorado River, McKinney Falls, and Barton Springs. These bodies of water provide the perfect locations for fun team building games like the cardboard boat build, fantasy island, and beach Olympics.

The Best Outdoor Team Building Activities in Austin

Are you looking for fun outdoor team building activities in Austin, TX? The city has great outdoor spaces to organize city scavenger hunts, water-based activities, and fun days in parks. Here are three of the most popular activities for team building events in Austin.

Cardboard Boat Build

The Cardboard Boat Build is a team building exercise that encourages good communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Teams must build boats out of cardboard and duct tape to transport people across a lake or river. With a blend of healthy competition, cohesive thinking, and creativity, teams must compete to win exciting challenges.

Suitable locations in Austin for the Cardboard Boat Build event include Lady Bird Lake and Lake Travis. In addition, teams can also enjoy paddle boarding, canoeing, or boating activities.

fun team building activities

Learn more about the Cardboard Build Boat challenge.

Spuds of Thunder

Spuds of Thunder is a fun team building activity for any park or outdoor green space in Austin. The event facilitator puts participants in teams where the entire team must collaborate to build and defend a fortress. Teams must earn building materials by completing tasks. In the end, they must withstand a spud attack from opposing teams.

spuds of thunder team building fulltilt

The benefits of this team building activity are that it teaches transferable skills like the following:

  • Deployment and management of human capital
  • Project management
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) simulation
  • Break down silos in large organizations
  • Improved communication and leadership skills

Learn more about Spuds of Thunder.

The Great Race

Austin is the perfect setting for The Great Race challenge—one of our most popular outdoor team building activities. Based on the popular TV show The Amazing Race, teams explore interesting areas of downtown Austin while completing various challenges. They get to test their problem-solving skills and creative thinking when they must overcome obstacles and roadblocks.

One of the benefits of organizing this challenge is that it improves teamwork in organizations while encouraging friendly competition. Participants must collaborate and work in high-pressure situations to achieve the desired outcome.

Learn more about the Great Race.

Exciting Indoor Team Building Activities in Austin

Suppose you’re looking for indoor team building activities in Austin, TX. If so, we’ve got you covered. While the city is known for its great weather, picturesque lakes, and attractive parks, there are plenty of venues to host exciting indoor team-building exercises.

The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is a perfect team building activity to host in a hotel or other indoor setting in Austin. Our experienced facilitators arrange for each team to create an innovative and inspiring machine to complete a simple task. This encourages collaboration and helps develop better communication skills.

The benefit of this team building event in a business setting is that it helps everyone to think creatively. Participants must strategically plan their designs, work quickly in the allotted time, and demonstrate their design and concept works.

Learn more about the Domino Effect Challenge.

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The Dragon Throne

For fans of Game of Thrones, the Dragon Throne is an excellent choice for team building during a company outing in Austin.

Participants engage in a variety of challenges inspired by Game of Thrones. These include constructing armor, engaging in cardboard sword battles, and culminating in the Battle of the Giants. The champion team becomes the reigning house and takes control of the Iron Throne.

game of thrones indoor team building event

This team building activity encourages problem-solving and creative thinking. It also encourages teams to be resourceful, think outside the box, develop strategies, and collaborate with their teammates. Team members also learn trust and mutual respect.

Learn more about the Dragon Throne.

Elevated Raceway

FullTilt’s Elevated Raceway is a fun team building event for indoor settings in Austin. In this exercise, teams must build a racetrack from a collection of provided materials. The track must include certain criteria our facilitators set out. Then teams compete to see which track meets the brief and if they can complete the challenge in time.

The benefit of this team building activity is that it helps to develop strategic thinking and solid teamwork. Team members must learn to delegate, manage time, and rely on their team members.

Learn more about the Elevated Raceway challenge for indoor team events in Austin.

Team Activities to Develop Leadership Skills in Austin

FullTilt has several options to host company retreats focused on developing leadership skills.

Authentic Leadership Challenge

Our Authentic Leadership Challenge is a great option for company team building activities in the Capital of Texas. This program can help to identify leadership potential in employees. The activities are based on challenging interactions where participants must complete a task several times. Each time, participants learn how to complete the task better and more efficiently.

Developing leadership skills is one of the most common team building goals. After completing the challenges, employees learn how to tackle any task with confidence. Additionally, the team event has the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Learn various leadership styles
  • Establish trust when outcomes are uncertain
  • Maintain integrity
  • Improved communication skills
  • How to work independently but stay part of a team

Learn more about FullTilt’s Authentic Leadership Challenge.

Charitable Team Building Games in Austin

Help your employees learn the value of giving back to the Austin community by organizing charitable team building games. At FullTilt, we have a variety of options to choose from. These include assembling bicycles for local children, supplying food banks, or building wheelchairs for local charities.

End Hunger Games

The End Hunger Games is one of the most inspiring team building activities because it incorporates fun games with a sizeable donation to a local charity.

Teams must take part in several fast-paced challenges to win non-perishable food items. They must then use their creativity to come up with a unique design. At the end of the game, the food items are donated to a local food bank, helping reduce hunger in Austin.

end hunger games team building events in Orlanda

This team building activity is an excellent way to boost employee engagement and morale. In addition, collaborating for charitable causes helps build camaraderie and develop empathy within teams.

Learn more about the End Hunger Games team building events.

The Wheelchair Connection

If you want to enjoy an afternoon of team bonding in Austin, you should arrange for the Wheelchair Build Challenge.

Like the End Hunger Games challenge, teams must complete challenges to earn the necessary supplies to build wheelchairs. They must assemble the wheelchairs and test them through various obstacle courses. Ultimately, the wheelchairs are donated to a local charity in Austin.

The benefit of this charitable team event is that it helps employees develop empathy for people living with mobility, visual, and communication challenges.

Learn more about the Wheelchair Build Challenge in Austin.

Creative Team Building Activities in Austin

Getting creative is one of the best ways to enjoy a team outing in Austin. That is why FullTilt organizes several creative exercises in Austin for team building.

Outstanding Performance Through Art

Outstanding Performance Through Art is a great choice if you are looking for an art-based team building option.

Each group member will have several opportunities to paint as they participate in a series of quick challenges. Our facilitators explain the learning opportunities and how they translate into the real world. The art challenges are set to diverse and energetic music to make them fun and exciting.

With these art challenges, there is no better way to help ease team members out of their comfort zone and showcase their creativity.

Learn more about our Outstanding Performance Through Art challenge.

Mandala Leadership Challenge

The Mandala Leadership Challenge is the perfect team building activity for groups that want to develop leadership, creativity, and thinking-outside-the-box skills.

The Mandala Leadership Challenge is based on ancient art, where a single letter forms the artwork’s center. The challenge can be tailor-made to fit your company goals and desired outcomes. This approach helps to foster strong relationships in groups, improve communication skills, and boost employee engagement.

One of the benefits of this team building event is that the finished

piece—the large collage of mandalas—can become artwork in the office. What better way to memorialize a memorable team building event?

Learn more about the Mandala Leadership Project that FullTilt organizes in Austin, TX.

Why Choose FullTilt Team Development for Team Events in Austin

FullTilt is the ideal team building partner if you want to organize corporate events in Austin. We offer a wide range of activities designed to build trust, communication, and collaboration among team members.

Contact us at 310-400-6285 or connect with us through our website. One of our facilitators is ready to chat with you if you want to organize a corporate retreat in Austin, TX.