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The Best Team Building Activities in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is an ideal choice for organizing team building activities. With its sunny climate, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife, the city offers plenty of opportunities to escape from mundane office work. Organizing corporate events in Fort Lauderdale allows colleagues to bond in a relaxed environment. Additionally, Fort Lauderdale has top-class hotels and plenty of attractions to choose from.

Fort Lauderdale is the ultimate sunny destination on the East Coast of Florida’s peninsula between Miami and West Palm Beach. And thanks to Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, with over 700 daily flights, the city is easy to get to from anywhere in North America. Additionally, the city has excellent public transportation services and is easy to get around.

But what are the reasons for hosting corporate events in Fort Lauderdale, FL? What are the best team building activities in the tenth-largest city in Florida? Please read on to learn why many organizations choose Ft. Lauderdale for corporate events.

Why Choose Fort Lauderdale for Corporate Events

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect destination for corporate events. With its stunning palm-lined beaches, the popular Las Olas Boulevard, inland waterways, river cruises, and Bonnet House Museum and gardens, there is plenty to do in the southeastern Florida city.

Fort Lauderdale’s climate makes it ideal for organizing team building activities in winter. The dry season lasts from November through April when you can enjoy warm, dry, and sunny conditions. Average temperatures in winter are around 68°F to 74°F, making it the ideal getaway for organizations located in North America.

corporate events in fort lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Beach

What is there to do for employees during downtime? Fort Lauderdale has been called the Venice of America. So, it’s no surprise that river cruises are popular in the city. Also, it’s possible to organize deep-sea fishing, trips to the Everglades, and many other popular water sports—paddleboarding, kayaking, or jet skiing.

Fort Lauderdale also has a bustling nightlife, with many top bars and restaurants can employees do during downtime? Fort Lauderdale has been called the Venice of America, so it’s no surprise that river cruises are popular in the city. Also, deep-sea fishing, trips to the Everglades, and many other popular water sports—paddleboarding, kayaking, or jet skiing—can be arranged on the famous Las Olas Boulevard. Here, you can find the best boutiques, shops, restaurants, and bars Florida has to offer.

Use FullTilt for Team Building in Fort Lauderdale

FullTilt Team Development has many years of experience organizing fun activities in Fort Lauderdale. Our range of corporate events and team building activities includes scavenger hunts, boat races, beach Olympics, and several charity events. You can rely on FullTilt to plan a memorable team event—from developing an itinerary to arranging hotel accommodations and day trips and facilitating team activities.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled day out or a more relaxed evening event, FullTilt has it all. We can organize events to build camaraderie among coworkers and strengthen relationships within your team. With our expert facilitators on hand and plenty of activities, FullTilt is the perfect choice for your next corporate event in Fort Lauderdale.

Top Outdoor Team Building Events in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has plenty to offer for great outdoor team-building activities in Florida. Here are the four most popular corporate events to help improve teamwork, develop leadership skills, and improve communication between coworkers.

Authentic Leadership

FullTilt Team Development organizes various leadership development activities in Fort Lauderdale. Our programs are designed to help potential leaders develop the necessary skills to motivate others. These fun activities can help develop the following qualities and abilities:

  • Clear communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Delegation
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving
  • Trust and mutual respect
  • Flexibility

croporate retreats indoor team building events winning
Team Building Image: Authentic Leadership Challenge

One of the most popular leadership programs in Ft. Lauderdale is the Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix. This fun corporate event creates a bonding experience among team members. Through various challenges, participants gain insights about one another and themselves. After participating in the program, team members gain a new understanding of their communication and behavioral style and their natural abilities and talents.

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge — Popular Team Building Activities in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most popular corporate team building events in Fort Lauderdale is the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge. This exciting team activity can be organized in any of Fort Lauderdale’s many waterways, outdoor pools, or even the Atlantic Ocean. This activity encourages communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Teams work to earn the necessary equipment to build a boat that floats from cardboard and duct tape. Based on healthy competition, teams must develop a boat design and make it seaworthy. This activity promotes creative thinking, teamwork, time management skills, and thinking outside the box.

Beach Olympics in Fort Lauderdale

Beach Olympics at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park is an exciting team-building activity to bring out the best in your group. This beachside event includes a variety of fun and challenging activities to challenge each team to work together and conquer obstacles. Events included in the Florida Olympics are tug-of-war, sand volleyball, and sandcastle building.

Beach Olympics is not about being first. Instead, teams must learn how to collaborate and trust each other so they can rely on each other’s strengths—while having fun at the same time. Beach Olympics in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect way for groups to bond and have fun in the sun. It’s available for groups of 12 up to 500 or more participants.

Raising the Tiki Bar

Are you looking to organize a food-based corporate team event in Florida? If so, Raising the Tiki Bar is one of the best team building activities in Fort Lauderdale. This fun and interactive event will bring your group together as they participate in lively challenges requiring teamwork, communication, and marketing.

The warm, sunny winters of South Florida make Raising the Tiki Bar an ideal outdoor corporate event. Each team must create a personalized tiki bar around a central theme. The teams must also create a signature drink, appetizer, and then a point-of-purchase display to attract the most customers.

fort lauderdale team building

The Tiki bar even encaptures the tropical climate of Hawaii. While having fun, participants must communicate well and develop problem-solving skills. Additionally,  the event helps teams work successfully under pressure and finish their project on time.

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The Best Indoor Team Activities in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Team building activities in Fort Lauderdale don’t have to be limited to outdoor events. Plenty of team building activities exist for indoor locations in Fort Lauderdale. These events are especially useful if you plant an off-site event in the summer or rainy season.

Here are some of the best indoor team building activities in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Outstanding Performance Through Art

Indoor team building activities based on art have the power to bring employees together, encourage collaboration, and inspire creativity. FullTilt organizes a range of art-based corporate events in all major cities in the Sunshine State. These imaginative activities help get employees out of their comfort zone and embrace their creative inner selves.

Integrating art into the workplace can create a more productive environment,  allowing employees to be more creative when tackling difficult tasks. Our facilitators arrange several challenges designed to encourage individualism and teamwork. In addition, participants learn outstanding performance through real-life examples, presentations, and the chance to develop new techniques.

outstanding art team building fulltilt

One of the benefits of this team building activity is that the collaborative artwork can be displayed in the office as a memento of the day.

Mandala Mindfulness Project

The Mandala Mindfulness Project is a fun and creative way to help teams think outside the box, build trust, and strengthen collaboration skills. Based on the ancient art of mandalas, this team building activity encourages individuals to create unique and intricate designs that represent their strengths while working in a team.

FullTilt team building activities are bespoke to match your corporate culture, goals, and desired outcomes. We have ensured that the fun art events are engaging,  interactive, fun, and teach transferable workplace skills.

This Mandala Mindfulness exercise helps teams learn to appreciate each other’s talents, build trust, and reach new performance levels. At the end of the event, everyone will have created something beautiful and meaningful that will inspire future success.

Peacock Picnic – The Attraction Game

Suitable for indoor or outdoor locations in Fort Lauderdale, the Peacock Picnic team event requires teams to create a delicious and irresistible picnic spread. There must be enough visual elements to ensure everyone wants a part of it. The snacks, food, and drinks can also be based on a specific theme.

The benefits of team building are that participants learn important skills simply yet effectively. For example, they must start with a clear vision and coherent idea. Then, they must collaborate to execute their idea with care, enthusiasm, and passion.

Another benefit of the Peacock Picnic is that everyone can enjoy fantastic food. The picnic could include some of Florida’s culinary favorites like key lime pie, stone crabs, fried gator bites, conch, or a range of locally-grown citrus fruits.

End Hunger Games — Top Team Building Activities in Fort Lauderdale

End Hunger Games is an innovative team building activity that can take place in any indoor Fort Lauderdale location. This charitable team event fosters teamwork, creativity, and healthy competition. At the same time, participants get to understand the challenges of food insecurity and poverty.

FullTilt organizes indoor team events to challenge participants through a series of scenarios and tasks. First, they must compete to win non-perishable food items.  Then they must work together with their limited resources to develop the most creative design from their items.

end hunger games fulltilt team development
Team Building Image: End Hunger Games

This event challenges teams to collaborate and develop creative solutions to everyday problems. And only by using excellent communication skills will a team have a chance of winning. The outcomes of this event are better camaraderie, team morale, and employee engagement.

However, End Hunger Games has wider benefits to local communities in Fort Lauderdale. Ultimately, the food is donated to a local food pantry or charity. This is an excellent way for team members to learn empathy and come together to make a meaningful impact on the community while strengthening their bonds.

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Are you considering planning a corporate event in Fort Lauderdale or any other city in Florida? If so, FullTilt is the number one team building company in the state. We offer a range of fun and creative activities designed to build collaboration skills, foster teamwork, and improve employee engagement.

Our experienced facilitators work with you from the event’s inception to its execution and post-event debriefing. All our events are tailor-made to match your company’s budget, goals, and desired outcomes.

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